A summerhouse, isn’t this a good party location?

A summerhouse, isn’t this a good party location?


YES! With a Lugarde gazebo you have the best location for a party. You can organise a nice party in your own garden, if the weather is nice you can sit or stand under the roof outside the sun and if you place a heater under your roof you can still stay outside when it cools down in the evening. There are some things to think about when hosting a party, who to invite, what food to eat and what music to play. And you often have to worry about the weather.

If you’re organising a party in your garden and want to have or buy a summerhouse, you don’t have to think about it. Because you know that the weather in the UK is never guaranteed to be nice.

Advantages of a party under the canopy

The advantage of a party under the roof is that you don’t have the chaos of a party in the house, but even if it rains a little, you and your guests can stay dry. What you often see nowadays when there is a party in the house is that there are two groups. The smokers and non-smokers, the smokers usually stay outside longer and therefore two groups form, mostly unnoticed. If you give your party under the canopy, it will be a thing of the past. What is also trendy today is a winter barbecue. With a veranda or a gazebo you have the perfect place for it, you can place your grill directly in front of the canopy and eat comfortably (with possibly a heating) under the gazebo.

Party location Food for party

A garden house with a canopy

If you don’t have a summerhouse yet, but are hesitant to buy one, read on. You can choose to buy a summerhouse or a garden house with a roofed extension. You can place a fridge in your garden house and use it as storage space for other things such as garden tools. But it is also possible to use your garden house as a hobby room. The possibilities for a garden house are endless. And if you have a party under the roof, you have the refrigerator nearby and in bad weather you can sometimes stand inside and outside without forming two clear groups.

A gazebo from our range or your own design

Lugarde has many examples of gazebos and also a combination of garden houses with a canopy. Take a look at our standard garden houses on our website. If you have looked at the summerhouses on our website, but there is nothing that suits you perfectly, we have a solution. Lugarde is unique with its 3D configurator. How cool is that? You’re having a party under your self-designed gazebo. With the configurator you can create your own gazebo. You can also see immediately what the price of your garden house is when you add something. So you won’t end up with surprises.

The gazebos of Lugarde

At Lugarde we only sell high-quality garden houses and log cabins. Since we have the production completely in our own hands, we always have control over its quality. The wood we use for your summerhouse is pine with fine annual rings. As the trees grow in Northern European countries, where the climate is colder, the trees grow slower. Due to the slower growth, the annual rings grow closer together. This makes the wood stronger and more robust. Of course it makes sense to treat your garden shed, you can do that yourself, but you can also let us do it for you. If you pre-treat your garden shed, you will maintain the quality of the wood much longer.


Tips for organising a garden party

You want to organize a garden party, what do you have to think about? We are happy to give you some tips to make your garden party under your gazebo unforgettable.

Tip 1: How many people are coming; First of all, it is important to consider how many people and who you would like to invite to your party.

Tip 2: Budget; If you have an idea of how many people are coming, it’s good to know what your budget is.

Tip 3: The neighbours; It is advisable to inform your neighbours in advance that you have a party. Of course, you can also invite them for a beer or wine.

Tip 4: Shopping; Before going to the store, it’s a good idea to make a shopping list so you don’t have too much or too little in the house. Remember to get enough to drink and of course snacks etc.. You can also have your snacks prepared by a catering company.

Tip 5: Good preparation is half the job; make sure all drinks are ready in time and start preparing the snacks in time. If you have everything ready before the party starts, all you have to do is grab it.

Tip 6: Standing or sitting areas; make sure you have enough seats and standing tables in your garden and under your canopy so that everyone can sit or stand comfortably.

Tip 7: Decorate your garden and canopy with light (Christmas lights may apply), balloons, garlands and tablecloths. This creates a cosy atmosphere.

Tip 8: Music; decide in advance which music you want to play at your party. Create a playlist if needed.

Tip 9: Children; Will there be children at your party? Then it’s a good idea to have enough toys for the kids so they can have a good time. If you don’t have any toys, ask parents to bring some outdoor toys. Set up a children’s corner for the children.

Tip 10: Shadow; If it gets very hot during the party, it is advisable to create enough shady areas next to the gazebo, possibly a party tent or an extra parasol.

Tip 11: Enjoy it; The most important tip is to enjoy your party. During your own party, you’re probably busy pouring drinks and making sure everyone has fun. But it’s also important that she really enjoys all the loving people who have come to your party.

After reading the above tips, you can organize your garden party under your gazebo, the perfect location!

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