A walk-in wardrobe in a summerhouse

A walk-in wardrobe in a summerhouse


A summerhouse or a log cabin is the perfect extension of a home. Whether your house has gradually become too small for your growing family or you have recently taken up a new hobby that requires extra living space, a summerhouse can be a great solution to the problem if you’re looking to add more space to your home. While it’s very common to set up a home gym, a garden office or even a sauna in a summerhouse, high-quality timber structures can also be used in many other ways too. Have you ever thought of such a luxury as a walk-in wardrobe? Perhaps it’s a necessity, not a luxury for you, as you’re just getting short on storage space for clothing in the house? Either way, a summerhouse can be a great solution!

Lugarde summerhouse P5D1 a walk-in wardrobe  Lugarde Log Cabin B53 is a big log cabin with a sound and classic design. It has a large overhang in the front that provides the ideal spot to sit outside. The large interior is divided into two rooms and a smaller storage space.  Lugarde Log Cabin B56 is a big log cabin with a stylish and unfussy look. The spacious interior is divided into two rooms while the large patio is the ideal spot to relax outside with friends and family.


The advantages of a walk-in wardrobe in a summerhouse:

1. Out-of-season clothing storage

Is it almost impossible to find a place to neatly store winter or summer clothes in your home? Placing out-of-season clothing and shoes in a summerhouse could be the solution to that, if you need more storage space for out-of-season garments. A summer house can easily be turned into a walk-in wardrobe in which to securely store your family’s out-of-season clothing. This way you can free up space in the house, while also gaining extra storage space for clothing and even sports and hobby equipment as well.

2. A storage solution for collectors

Are you a passionate collector of shoes, vintage clothing or any other type of garment that needs to be neatly stored or displayed? A walk-in wardrobe is a great solution if your home is overflowing with collectible items. Installing a walk-in wardrobe system within your summerhouse will allow you to organise your collection, as well as helping you to take care of the items and display them so you can always find what you’re looking for.

3. A glamorous dressing room

Have you always dreamed of a walk-in wardrobe, but have a home that is just too small for such a luxury? If so, a medium-sized summerhouse can easily be turned into a glamorous dressing room. Create a cosy seating area, hang a chandelier and display your clothing, shoes and bags to create a lovely environment in which to spend time alone or celebrate life with your friends.