Bespoke summer house made to measure

Bespoke summer house made to measure


Have you been thinking about buying a custom-made summer house for a while now? Or are you planning to purchase one? Lugarde can be of service to you in this regard. A summer house is very convenient and useful for various purposes. Create your own custom-made summer house from Lugarde.

The advantages of a made-to-measure summer house

A custom-made summer house has many advantages. For example, a custom-made summer house can be designed especially for you to meet your specific requirements. Also, a custom-made summer house can fit well with the style and design of the house and its surroundings. With a summer house, you can easily store your garden tools and place bicycles. Moreover, you can also use it by turning it into a lovely relaxation area. If you make it a space to unwind, you can furnish it with furniture that suits you. In addition, a custom-made summer house can be adapted exactly to the space available in the garden, so no space is wasted.

At Lugarde, we offer many options for a customised summer house. Get inspired by taking a look at our large range of wooden summer houses.


Modern summer house made-to-measure

More and more people are choosing a modern summer house made-to-measure. Lugarde only offers wooden summer houses because it is easy to maintain. Wood provides good insulation. It also often fits well in your garden because it has a natural and warm look. A custom-made Lugarde summer house is therefore always a good choice. You can have a wooden summer house impregnated so that it is protected against various weather influences. At Lugarde you can customise your bespoke summer house to your requirements without obligation.

Your tailor-made summer house from Lugard

At Lugarde, you can have your own customised summer house made, by using our 3D configurator. Within our large range of summer houses, you can choose a summer house on the site. Through the configurator, you can customise it to your needs. You can choose the width, depth, wall thickness, type of roof, types of doors, types of windows and types of treatments.

It is also possible to choose the type of hardware, roof decoration, interior floor, attic, stairs, insulation, and paint. These many options show you that you can create your summer house completely according to your wishes. By putting together your custom-made summer house via the configurator, you can request a no-obligation quote. So having a custom-made summer house made is easy and quick at Lugarde.