Carport with garden shed – protect your car and store your equipment

Carport with garden shed – protect your car and store your equipment


At Lugarde, in addition to garden room with shed, you can also buy a carport and a garden shed as part of the same building. So you can use a single structure to protect your car and store your equipment. Your car is easily accessible, but still protected against bad weather. And your garden equipment, tools, bicycles and lawn furniture are safely stored away behind locked doors. Find your ideal carport with an attached shed on our website or design your own according to your needs.

A sturdy and attractive carport with garden shed

A carport with a garden shed is readily available within our selection of garden products. There’s a shed with a single door for storing bicycles, furniture and tools, for example. You can also buy a carport with a garage, which has large double doors. This allows you to store your car inside and lock it away safely. The windows of the garden shed are double glazed. The locks on the doors are of the sturdy 3-point variety. Your possessions are safe in your solid shed or garage.

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You can design your own building

Don’t worry if you can’t find the perfect carport and garden shed combination in our selection. We understand that the dimensions of our buildings don’t always match the available space in our customers’ gardens and driveways. That’s why we offer the possibility of bespoke design at no extra cost. logotype - 3D-Konfigurator.

Using our 3D configurator, you can start with a basic template and modify it. You can also modify an existing Lugarde product. Alternatively, you can use the bespoke design form. When you’ve submitted a design, we will build it for you, precisely as you have specified. That’s part of our service at Lugarde.

Buy a carport with a garden shed from Lugarde, and find out why we’re the market leader in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.