Classic summerhouses

Classic summerhouses


Our classic summerhouses have a warm, timeless appearance. Classic summerhouses are often associated with a romantic ambiance. Our summerhouses and log cabins with a classic look fulfil these expectations. Windows and doors with crossbars, pyramid roofs with beautiful decoration and diamond cut logs all help to create this atmosphere.

Enjoy a cup of tea in your very own tea-house

Our octagonal summerhouses look just like old English tea-houses. During the emergence of the English landscape style, in the second half of the 18th century, summerhouses became very popular. Beautiful estates were home to stunning, romantic landscaped gardens with meadows, immaculate borders, eye-catching vistas and summerhouses. A pavilion harks back to this garden romanticism.

Bespoke design is standard for us

Find inspiration in the photos below. If you see something you like, but want to make a few alterations, get in touch or create your own design for a classic summerhouse using our unique 3D configurator!

Are you inspired to buy the summerhouse of your dreams? Take a look through our amazing range of summerhouses, pavilions or maybe even a garden office. Design your very own garden building with our unique 3D configurator.