#DIY Summer house makeover

#DIY Summer house makeover


Are you fed up with the boring decor of your summer house? That’s why we’ve come up with six themes that are perfect for giving your summer house a complete makeover! They are described below.


The bohemian theme creates a cosy atmosphere in your summer house. This style typically uses many colours, busy prints, and vintage furniture and accessories. With a bohemian style, you can tap into your creativity in any way you want, nothing is too crazy. For example, combine red and pink blankets to cuddle up on your vintage sofa, or choose a pair of beautiful lamps in orange or blue shades. A beautiful rug in an oriental or Moroccan style and a few matching plants, like a cactus or the popular Chinese money or pancake plant, complete the picture. Add some more shine with silver or gold-coloured accessories and your Bohemian summer house makeover is done!

Earthy tones

Do you prefer a calmer theme? Then go for a modern house with earthy tones as a colour scheme. These colours create a warm and natural feeling. You can decorate your summer house with items made of natural materials like leather, wool, wood, and cotton. By choosing a sustainable and environmentally conscious option, you know that you are doing the right thing. A jute basket or rug and a nice leather chair, nice and snug with a knitted blanket. A big potted plant in the corner will be a real eye-catcher and a beautiful ceiling lamp made of rattan or bamboo will be the finishing touch!


This theme is also all about the more soothing colours, but this time you add different shades of blue. You can decorate the walls with shells or other sea accessories. Driftwood or wreckage also fits very well with this style with, for example, a coffee table made of this type of wood. Combine some smaller and larger candles in a glass bowl with beach sand, so no candle wax can leak out, and put the bowl on the table. Hang two or three hanging baskets with green plants to add some greenery to your beach house.


Do you have a couple of kids running around the house and youre tired of all the mess they can create? Then why don’t you transform your summer house into a playroom! The first step is, of course, getting your children involved in the decorating, which is not just great fun but also lets the children offer their own creative ideas. The next must-have items are a rug and some soft cushions. It is also important to create enough storage space. It’s easy, these days, to quickly design your made-to-measure storage cupboard online, in any size and colour you like. Don’t forget to add lighting; go for lighting that can change colour and create a kids’ disco room!

Summer house makeover

Reading corner

What is cosier to cuddle up on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea or hot chocolate during the winter months (which will be upon us sooner than you’d think)? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to do that in your own summer house, away from the hustle and bustle of the ‘big’ house? Your private moment of complete zen and you’ll finish that exciting thriller in one day. So choose a nice big sofa, soft cushions, and a warm blanket. Add some beautiful lighting and a reading lamp for a cosy atmosphere. Another great idea is to get a sofa bed so you can let guests stay overnight, or have a sleep-over!

Rural style

Earlier in this blog, we already mentioned earthy tones. To expand this style a little further, we go for a proper rural style. Go out to find accessories such as a large canvas depicting Scottish highlander, fragrant candles, and a fake fur rug. You can place wooden blinds in the windows, which also give the house a rural look from the outside. Put a comfortable rocking chair on the veranda and an old wagon wheel always works well as a decorative item.

Summer house makeover

You don’t have a summer house in your garden yet so you’re not quite set for a make-over? Then design your own Lugarde summer house or garden office in the 3D configurator or download our free brochure to get inspired.