Five tips for storing your tools safely and neatly

Five tips for storing your tools safely and neatly


A garage or summerhouse is often used to store garden equipment and tools. This often leads to chaos, as the storage space is not used in the best way. Below we offer some helpful tips on how to keep your tools safe and neat in the future. This is possible with just a few simple tricks.

  1. Install a pegboard in your garage. A pegboard is an easy way to store your tools and ensure that they are accessible at all times. Every tool has its place. In this way chaos is cleverly avoided. In addition, pegboards are also visually eye-catching and are available in different colours, so you can customise yours to fit the décor of your garage or summerhouse.
  2. Another way to hang your tools is on magnetic strips. These are particularly well suited for small tools or drill bits. Magnetic strips save space, because you don’t need an extra toolbox standing around. In addition, you can attach the magnetic strips anywhere, for example on to shelves or directly on the wall. You will always know exactly where your drill bits are, without having to search for them.
  3. You can also use the space under the roof simply by attaching beams and sliding boxes into them. Doing this makes the most of your space, gaining you more storage for your tools and your garden equipment.
  4. For small things, such as screws, nails and dowels, mason jars are a good storage option. They look modern and neat and can easily be glued or screwed under a shelf by the lid, enabling them to be unscrewed without effort. This way you have more space on the shelves for other tools and have neatly stored your small items. Of course, instead of mason jars, you could also use small plastic boxes to organise your smaller bits and pieces.
  5. Of course, large garden equipment must also have a place to live in your garage or summerhouse. For tools such as rakes or shovels you can easily build a rack or a shelf yourself. All you need is a few wooden boards, into which you cut slots for the tools to sit in. This will take your larger garden tools off the ground, simultaneously organising them.

With these five tips, we guarantee that your garage or summerhouse will instantly become more organised and neater, with enough space for all your equipment and tools. Are you still looking for a garage or a summerhouse? Then have a browse through our selection – you might just find exactly what you are looking for.  

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