Garden bike storage

Garden bike storage


Garden bike storage 

A garden bike storage shed is an important structure that helps keeping your bicycle or motorcycle safe and free of damage. At lugarde, we help you create a customised storage space, that can fulfill any storage needs. The design depends on the use, and if you are feeling inspired, you can create your design with our configurator and immediately see how much it costs.  

If you are looking for something specific, we help you design and customize a garden shed fit for your specific purposes. For those looking to store their bikes, a garden bike storage specially crafted by our designers would be an ideal first step.  

Explore our bike shed storage designs 

Do you want to keep your bike secure? A bike shed for your garden can be the solution you are looking for to keep your bicycle secure and at the same time, maintain the tidiness of your home. While sheds for tools and lawnmowers abound, there is a distinct shortage of stylish and secure bike storage. With Lugarde, you can create your own personal bike shed, in the peace and quiet of your own garden. 

Also, our catalogue highlights sheds for different storage purposes, including bike storage options. A closer look at the available designs gives clients an idea of their preference. Looking at previous projects created by our clients, or designs we created based on our customer’s needs, will allow you to get inspiration and choose the best storage space for your garden. Look at our online product range for inspiration. 

Wooden garden bike storage ideas 

Wooden bike sheds are designed to keep your bike undamaged and secure. You could get several designs for a wooden bike shed, depending on size, material, and roof type. We use top quality wood from northern Europe for our wooden storage designs for bicycles. Furthermore, the climate in northern Europe suits the trees because they grow to become firm trees, allowing your building to last longer, hence the preference from this region.  

While bike sheds may have smaller dimensions than standard sheds, a small tool shed, being compact, offer an ideal solution for conserving space in your garden or fitting snugly into a smaller outdoor area. Consider roofing options in our summer house range when choosing a compact shed. Use our 3D configurator for versatile designs to store your bike elegantly in your garden. 

Roofing options 

You can choose from various roofing options for your bike storage space. Choose the perfect fit for your style and preferences effortlessly by getting inspiration from our online catalogue. The roofing options available include; 

How large should a bike storage be? 

Bike storage sizes aren’t standard; they depend on circumstances. To determine the size, measure your household’s bikes with a tape measure and record their dimensions. Also, add some space so they are not bundled in a heap when storing them. 

Additionally, a bike shed depends on the size of the bike and the number of bikes you would like to store. Also, it depends on whether you want to use the space for other storage uses. Do not limit yourself to ready-made designs, create your own with our 3D configurator. This will give you a design that meets your needs and is of the highest possible quality.  

Can you store other things in your shed? 

The bike storage design perfectly aligns with its intended purpose when you request specific measurements. To go above and beyond, design a space that stores not just your bicycle, but also your biking gear and accessories for your cycling adventures.

Let Lugarde assist you in designing the right bike storage 

We are dedicated at ensuring our clients are met throughout the process of design and delivery. Our team and tools will allow you to find a bike storage that suits your needs. After receiving your sketch, our team commits to crafting a bespoke bike storage solution, ensuring both bike security and garden neatness 

All things considered, you could get a pre-designed option for your bike storage or use our 3D configurator to design a storage that will be perfectly customized to your needs.