Making a gazebo with Lugarde

Making a gazebo with Lugarde


A gazebo is becoming more and more popular in the Dutch gardens. We understand that all too well at Lugarde. With a gazebo – detached or attached to the house – you can create extra space ‘in a jiffy’ outside in the peace and quiet of your garden, but with all the comforts of your home within reach. Nothing like a holiday in your own garden and relaxing on a large terrace or gazebo. Even if your garden is not that big, you can create the space you want to use by means of a strategically placed terrace. With a beautiful gazebo above it, you’ll also be dry and warm during those heavy rain showers the Netherlands is known for. At Lugarde, you will not only find the most beautiful systems for summer houses and log cabins, but you can also create beautiful gazebos. With a wooden gazebo or wooden gazebos with sides you can create the ideal outdoor area, where you can even sit outside in all weathers. You will see that with a covered terrace, you can sit outside with family and friends in all seasons. If it gets a little too cold, add a heater. Moreover, if you reinforce the roof, you can even install solar panels on the roof of your gazebo (or summer house). You do not have to worry about an increasing energy bill due to the heater.

At Lugarde you can choose from two options when it comes to the gazebos. A detached gazebo or a gazebo you attach to your house. Let’s explain both options so you can discover what best suits your living situation and garden.

Detached gazebo

A detached gazebo is a nice addition and can add an extra dimension to your garden. With a detached gazebo, you can freely choose where to place it in the garden. You can opt for a detached gazebo even in a small garden. We at Lugarde see many of our customers placing the detached gazebo further down the garden. So that it really serves as an extra relaxation spot in your garden. At Lugarde, we use the most beautiful types of wood for our gazebos. Because of this, they fit perfectly within the natural atmosphere you want to radiate in the garden. Enjoy the garden, the flowers and the plants while sitting under cover and know that you are sheltered from rain and wind. At Lugarde you will only find detached gazebos made from wood. Wood is very laborious, making it easy to create the style that suits your garden. Are you looking for a robust country style you can radiate with our Pro system or for a modern, sleek style you can create with our Prima system? Be inspired on our page with detached gazebos and choose the type that best suits your garden. Many of the gazebos shown are made by our customers themselves in the 3D configurator.

Attached gazebo

An attached gazebo is – as the name suggests – attached to part of your house. This means you extend your house into the garden, as it were. An attached gazebo is often made accessible from the house through the garden doors. So you can step outside without walking getting wet if it’s raining. A attached gazebo has been a great success on both the Dutch and international market for years. The attached gazebo is really an extension of the house and is often decorated in the same style. A nice lounge set in the colours of the couch, make sure that it becomes a beating whole.  Are you ready for an attached gazebo? Then get inspired on our page with attached gazebos. If you prefer to let your creativity speak for itself, you can design the attached gazebo all by yourself. Here you can choose how large (or how small) the attached gazebo should be, what type of doors and windows you want to use if necessary and what method of wood treatment you want. You can even choose and design the type of roof in the 3D configurator.

Gazebo in every garden

At Lugarde, you have the option to fully design your gazebo or terrace in our 3D configurator. This allows you to design a beautiful terrace or some wooden gazebos for the garden. Do you have a small, but somewhat longer garden? Then consider using horizontal planks for your gazebo. This gives you the illusion that the garden is not only long, but also wider. Conversely, of course, vertical planks give your garden some extra length if the garden is wider than deep. Would you like more information about the Lugarde gazebos suitable for your garden? Please contact us, or have one of our dealers advise you. We are happy to help you realise your dream house including a beautiful Lugarde gazebo. Would you like to see other Lugarde products besides the gazebos? Download our free brochure with a hundred pages of inspiration, beautiful systems and log cabins, summer houses, gazebos and garages.