Get your garden and summerhouse ready for spring!

Get your garden and summerhouse ready for spring!


Spring is approaching and that means that the garden season is about to begin. The days are getting longer as the night, and you want to sit outside as soon as the temperature lets you. It is almost time to enjoy the outside air again. Time for a fresh start, inside and around your summerhouse. Maybe you already have made plans for your garden and your summerhouse, but what are the most considerable things when you start with the spring cleaning? We are giving you a few tips that you can think of when preparing your garden and garden house for spring.

Tip 1: Cleaning up your summerhouse

If you do not use your summerhouse in winter, there is a good chance that you have stored garden furniture, tools or other materials in your garden shed. till spring As soon as spring begins, you will start using your garden furniture again. You can create a cosy sitting area where you can get together with family and friends. Do you store your garden tools in your summerhouse? Consider whether you can tidy up your garden tools more efficiently, so that you can create more space in your garden shed. By making space on the floor, you might be able to double your space. How can you create space on the floor? Attach as many tools as possible to the wall. For example, you can use a peg board and attach it to your wall so you can efficiently mount your tools. If you prefer not to have your garden tools visible, you can mount a wall cupboard. By assembling a construction on the ceiling you can also tidy up and store materials above you. spring-pegboard

Tip 2: Maintain your garden furniture

The maintenance of garden furniture contributes greatly to the life span and is very important if you want to enjoy your garden furniture for a longer time. Before using your garden furniture, check for damage, loose screws and if it can use a cleaning. If you give them maintenance and/or clean them with special detergent, you will keep the quality of your garden furniture. Depending on the material of your garden furniture, you can choose the right maintenance method.

Tip 3: Maintain your summerhouse

Wood, hinges, doors and windows can be damaged. Most types of wood require maintenance and protection from the elements. If your summerhouse is still new, it does not need any maintenance. A long period of damp or wet weather can cause condensation. Condensation can cause mould or green deposits on summerhouses, especially on older ones. It is good to first consider what the cause may be. Possible causes are: insufficient ventilation, holes, cracks and/or leaking pipes. Once you have discovered the cause, you can tackle the cause and, for example, re-paint your summerhouse in spring. Proper maintenance will considerably extend the life span of your summerhouse. Leaves and other dirt can prevent the gutter from working properly. In the autumn during the seasonal changes, this chance is present if there are many trees in the vicinity. For this reason, a regular check and cleaning of the gutter is certainly recommended. A poorly functioning gutter can have unpleasant consequences over time. There are also various solutions available to protect you against leaves and other waste: regular cleaning of the gutter, using a leaf collector for rainwater drainage or placing a leaf separator between the drainage pipe. This prevents leaves in your gutter. It is a nice view if climbing-plants grow against your garden house. However, this has a negative effect on your garden house. Make sure that your garden house is free of climbing-plants. If the climbing plants grow between the planks and under the roof covering, this can cause leakage. Of course, you want to prevent this from happening.

Tip 4: Furnishing your summerhouse

After all the cleaning and maintenance, it is time to redesign your garden house for spring. It is important to think about what you want to use your garden house for. Do you only want to use it as extra space to store things, or do you want to enjoy the outside air in your summerhouse? On the basis of this decision you can furnish your garden house. If you want to enjoy the outside air, you can already prepare your garden furniture. Is it still too cold  to sit outside, but would you like to? With patio heating, a heater or a fire basket it will be a lot more pleasant and you can enjoy the outside air.

Tip 5: Buying a summerhouse in spring

Don’t have a garden house yet, but would you like to buy one? Think carefully where you want the place the summerhouse and where in the garden a summerhouse is most suitable. Can you use some inspiration? Take a look at It is also possible to design your own garden house via our 3D configurator.

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