A glass garden room with a Lugarde summer house

A glass garden room with a Lugarde summer house


The other day we talked about the wooden garden room that you can design in your summer house. A possibility to extend your living room to the garden. To enjoy the garden, the weather and the company on lovely warm days. Do you think a wooden summer house is too dark to be used as a garden room? Would you prefer a little more light and freedom? And do you also want to sit outside while the weather isn’t all that great?

How about a glass garden room

A garden room where you can relax, just like in the wooden version, but with lots of glass. As a result, you will be sheltered during rainy days – which we get plenty of the Netherlands – and on days when the weather isn’t all that great for being outside.  A lot is possible if you design a summer house from Lugarde. In the 3D configurator, you can design and build a summer house from scratch. Perhaps you, like many others, assume that our summer houses are made of wood. That’s absolutely true, Lugarde loves wood, but we love our beautiful glass walls just as much. We always use the best quality glass. No single glazing, but safe and good glass windows and walls. Our windows comply with strict European standards in terms of quality wood of the window frames and have an expert finish and HR++ double glazing with high insulation value.

The benefits of a glass garden room at Lugarde

We briefly mentioned the advantages of a glass garden room above. Especially if you opt for sliding panels or many large casement windows, you can enjoy your glass garden room on both hot and colder days. In the summer, you just open up the sliding doors and create an open construction that is also widely used in the wooden garden room or verandas that enjoy tremendous popularity. However, a great advantage is that you can also close the sliding doors, allowing you to ‘sit outside’ in the fall and winter, too.  Glass walls do not obstruct your view. At Lugarde you can choose from different types of glass and walls.

You can choose from

  • Opaque or transparent stained windows and doors
  • Other types of window or windows, e.g. tilt&turn window or hung window
  • Other types of door(s), e.g. patio door, sliding door or panel door
  • Other dimensions & shapes of window and/or door, e.g. an extra wide door (100 cm) or an elongated window instead of a square window
  • Other glass, e.g. frosted glass, stained glass, hardened glass or a glass sliding door

At Lugarde, we like to help you come up with ideas to design your glass garden room precisely the way you want it. With a glass garden room, you can enjoy the garden and being outdoors all year round. An extra Lugarde tip: make sure you divide the garden into seasons and plant some summer and winter flowers. The garden will then continue to look attractive throughout the seasons and your garden room will really be of value between all the flowering greenery. After all, you wouldn’t want to look at a barren garden in the winter, right?! A glass garden room is really an extension of both your house and the garden itself. Because everything is sheltered but visible, you will also have to think carefully about the layout of your glass garden room. Are you going to put a lounge set in there? Are you giving greenery in your glass garden room a chance? Keep in mind that your glass walls can cause the garden room to heat up considerably. Plants that are accustomed to a tropical climate could then do well inside.

Lugarde gardenhouse glass

Design your glass garden room

At Lugarde we work with customisation, and we offer you our convenient 3D configurator for this. In this configurator, you can fully design your summer house and arrange everything so that it fits in your garden. You get all the freedom you need to turn it into a great glass garden room. Of course you can also choose the ‘standard’ summer houses that have already been designed by Lugarde’s other customers. Would you rather get inspiration for your glass garden room first? Download the free brochure where you will find many pages full of inspiration and find and discover all the possibilities for building and designing your Lugarde glass garden room.