Halloween party in your garden house

Halloween party in your garden house


It’s Halloween coming up again! Creepy costumes and decorations turn October the 31st into a special day for everyone. Our garden houses offer a great location for your scary Halloween party. In our blog, we give you some ideas about the decoration, the food, your costume and possible activities at the party.

Creepy food

Of course, a Halloween party should not be without the right food. On the one hand, you can conjure up delicious dishes from seasonal foods such as pumpkin. This includes delicious pumpkin pie or a pumpkin soup to warm up on a cold Halloween evening. Also, a special possibility for Halloween are delicious snacks, which are transformed by small decorations into creepy eye-catchers. For example, wrap some puff pastry around sausages and you will have scary beautiful mummies. Of course, you can also buy some sweets for Halloween. These include rubber snakes or eyes made of fruit gums. To prepare these dishes, a kitchen in your garden house is of course very practical.


Your perfect garden house decoration

With your scary decoration for your Halloween party you can, of course, use all the space your garden house and the rest of your garden have to offer. The typical Halloween decoration is pumpkins with creepy faces and lights. It is particularly suitable, for example, if you prepare a pumpkin pie to use the wrapped pumpkin for your decoration. Simply add a few tea lights and the creep is guaranteed! For the decoration of the interior, it is a nice idea to make spiders from balloons and black paper ribbons. You can easily attach them to the wall with adhesive tape and in just a few steps you have an eye-catcher for your Halloween party. You can also use chains of lights, streamers and confetti to make your garden house ready for your party.

Activities at your party

Since your garden house offers direct access to your garden, you could use the garden as well at your Halloween party. This can be useful if you are planning a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt. With the right equipment, you can also light a fire at a later hour. Of course, a safe fireplace is needed for this. There you can warm up and prepare bread, sausages or marshmallows. You can use the space in your garden house for your buffet. You can also set up seating areas where you can relax and talk. A ghost disco is also possible with a disco ball.

Costume ideas

1. Witch

The witch is one of the classic costumes, especially for women. A black dress, a hat and a broom. The look is ready! With some dark eye make-up, you will become the perfect Halloween witch.

2. Skeleton

With the skeleton, it depends particularly on the correct make-up. Bones painted on the face should create the illusion of looking under the skin. Also, overalls with a skeleton print can be bought.

3. Mummy

The mummy is also a great costume, which can be put together with little effort. Use as bandages gauze bandages or fabric strips, which are still a little dark dyed and wrapped around the body it is a super costume.

Of course, these are only a few of the many possibilities of how you can conjure up a creepy costume for your Halloween party with little effort. There are no limits to your imagination!

Were we able to convince you for a Halloween party in your garden house? Or would you like to enjoy the perfect garden party in your own garden house in the future? Then take a look at our website and create your dream garden house today.