Have a party in your own garden house!

Have a party in your own garden house!


You don’t have to have a party in your house! A nice advantage of this is that there is no nuisance and clutter in the house. Whether it’s a winter barbecue, a cocktail party, a drink after a neighbourhood gathering or an afterparty after the local carnival, it’s all possible in your own garden house!

A garden house or log cabin from Lugarde not only provides protection against the cold or the sun, but also privacy, cosiness and lots of comfort. It’s basically just the ultimate place to party with your friends and family. However, it is important to choose a garden house that suits your style, and that is very easy to do at Lugarde. With our unique 3D configurator it is possible to build a garden house that fits perfectly in your garden and where you can have a great party.


Benefits of a party in your own garden? The garden house or log cabin provides a lot of privacy, so you can really have a great time with friends and decide for yourself how long the party lasts. If the garden house is a bit secluded in your garden, you can also turn up the music a bit louder without disturbing the neighbours. And the final round? There may not be one at all in your garden house – in any case, you decide when the last drinks will be served. Furthermore, a party in your own garden is of course less expensive. An average drink at the bar quickly costs between €2.50 and €5.00 each. Not to mention cocktails. That’s why it’s much better to have a party in your own garden.

Let’s at least mention the essential elements of a successful party in your garden house:

  • Provide good music (do keep neighbours and local residents in mind)
  • Provide a refrigerator filled with tasty drinks
  • Provide tasty snacks
  • Optionally, an appropriate theme (read more below)

How about a Halloween party in the fall? An Ibiza cocktail party in the summer or a real Frozen winter BBQ with the kids? It might also be fun to host a karaoke night in your garden house. Whatever theme you choose, what you always need, of course, is the right location in the form of a suitable garden house or a beautiful log cabin.

Warming up to the idea of throwing a party in your garden house?

Have you become excited after reading this information? View our complete brochure online to read and see much more about our garden houses and log cabins. If you have any questions about our products or would like to discuss the possibilities for your situation with an employee, please contact us by phone at 0573 401 800. Want to never miss anything from Lugarde again? Then subscribe to the newsletter.