Heating possibilities for your log cabin!

Heating possibilities for your log cabin!


In order to enjoy the luxury of being able to use the garden house around the clock even after the summer, it is essential to choose a heating option in the colder months. It is important to provide a radiator at the beginning of autumn so that you are not unpleasantly surprised by the cold! As a rule, heating only makes sense in conjunction with good insulation. So, make sure that your doors and windows do not immediately give off the heat from your garden house to the surroundings. The different heating options differ in the categories price, space requirement, safety and environmental friendliness. Each owner must decide for himself what is more important.

1 The oil heating

Oil heating is the typical heating method for houses. This heating method can be used with an oil radiator on rollers to heat the garden house. The advantage is that it is relatively inexpensive. However, the disadvantage is that the radiators are not very space-saving and do not really look stylish.

2 The electric heating

Another method of heating the garden house is electric heating. This heating method is always possible if there is an electricity connection. Here we immediately recognize the first disadvantage. If your garden house does not have an electricity network, electronic heating is not possible. Basically, a distinction is made between direct heating and storage heating. Direct heating gives off heat directly and is therefore used to heat rooms quickly and effective. The storage heating is completely different, as it gives off heat throughout the day. A clear advantage of the electronic heating is that for an electric radiator only very small costs result, and this usually takes up only little place. An essential disadvantage is that the heating costs depend on the electricity prices. If these should be high, the electric heating becomes an expensive affair. In addition, the CO2 emissions are significantly higher than with other heating methods and therefore it is not environmentally friendly. Therefore, you should use the electric heating if possible, only temporarily and not over a longer period.

3 The gas heating

The heating method of gas heating offers some convincing advantages. On the one hand no electricity connection is necessary, however, if you want to heat without a gas cylinder, a connection to the district heating pipe is necessary. The gas heating has a very high efficiency and, unlike the electric heating, reacts very quickly to the setting. This alternative also depends on the development of the prices of the raw material, gas. On average, however, this has a significantly lower price than electricity! Basically, however, the purchases that must be made are not the cheapest. With gas heating it is to be considered besides always that you turn for the installation absolutely to a qualified specialist and the heating is maintained regularly. In addition, airing in closed rooms is important, otherwise there is a risk of poisoning. Compared to other possibilities, gas heating is a very effective, relatively environmentally friendly and inexpensive heat source in the long run.

4 Alternative energies

If it is very important for you to have an environmentally friendly heating, then there are different possibilities to heat with alternative sources. One of them is heating with pallets. These are the waste product from the wood industry and therefore very environmentally friendly. The purchase of a pallet stove together with a suction system is not quite cheap. In addition, for the pallets a storage possibility is needed, which can take up a lot of space. The costs for the raw material wood are however clearly more affordable than gas and oil. Another method is solar heating. Here on the roof of the garden house a Photovoltaic system is installed, and the energy of the sun is used for heating. The question whether the solar energy is enough for the entire heating in winter is relatively obvious. Moreover, this heating method is very expensive to buy and only saves costs in the long term. Both environmentally friendly heating alternatives are promoted by the state, which makes the purchase a little bit easier. In addition, a good combination of these heating alternatives is possible. Of course, the various alternatives can also be perfectly integrated into Lugarde garden houses so that they can be used intensively in winter. Look at our website and let us inspire you!