How do you create your own vlogstudio in your garden house?

How do you create your own vlogstudio in your garden house?


You have your own summerhouse and want to make an own vlogstudio for your children? It all starts with a garden house but then you must start thinking about the other necessities. What is the best way to do it and what do you have to consider? Read on in this blog article, how to create the perfect vlogstudio in your garden house.

Where should you start?

First, you need to have a garden house or log cabin where you want to create the vlogstudio. Think for example of the dimensions, the insulation or the floor. Garden houses and log cabins are used for many different purposes nowadays. Think for example of a storage room for all your tools, a private office space where you can work at home in peace and quiet. An increasingly common use for your garden shed is also a space where your children can enjoy themselves. This article is about how you can create the perfect vlogstudio in your own summerhouse or log cabin. There are a few tips we can give you when you want to use your log cabin as a vlogstudio. After all, what does a vlog need?

Tip 1: Create consistently good content

There’s always a reason why people are watching your vlog. Therefore, create good and relevant content so that no one gets bored while watching the vlog.

Tip 2: Ensure involvement and interaction

All vlogs today are of a very personal nature. This has the advantage that followers will link you to certain things. In this way they will continue to look at your vlogs for a longer time and the number of followers will increase constantly.

Tip 3: Pay attention to background details

A good quality of the background and sound is crucial for a vlog. This is what followers will judge you on. Is the quality not good enough? Then you lose followers and of course you don’t want that. Good insulation in your garden shed is therefore very important.

Tip 4: Use of voice

The way in which you are going to address your followers is very important. Think of important words you want to emphasize as the pitch must be slightly different to make it clearer.

So, there are a lot of tips and facts to consider. The real work starts only when you have prepared everything inside your garden shed or log cabin. What’s the best way to set up your summerhouse so that it becomes the perfect place?

First, you need to start thinking about the equipment you will need before you can start at your vlogstudio. A camera, lighting, laptop, makeup all the options you can think of. In the following we give you an example of the equipment you need for a vlog space where your son or daughter introduces games on his/her PlayStation/laptop. What material needs to be prepared before making the first vlog?

  • Power is of course important, power is needed for the lamps, PlayStation, laptop, TV and camera.
  • Internet cable, an internet cable is needed to be able to broadcast at the highest possible quality to your followers.
  • A good chair and the way the light shines are important aspects to consider.

When you’ve finished all the equipment and aspects for the vlog, you can get started. A gazebo as a second living room and as a vlogstudio for your children. The ideal combination of enjoyment and work at the same time!

Would you like to create your own vlogstudio in your garden shed or log cabin? Have a look at all the options on our site or contact us to discuss all the possibilities.