How to realise a modern garden shed?

How to realise a modern garden shed?


Looking for a modern, stylish and trendy summerhouse? That’s good, because at Lugarde we have a wide range of modern garden sheds. With our various building systems and unlimited customisation possibilities, you have come to the right place. From a small garden shed to a new contemporary outdoor living room, what will you choose?

When is a summerhouse modern? 

When you think of a garden shed, you probably think of a traditional wooden log cabin. But these days there are also modern, sleek and luxurious garden sheds that fit in well with the style of your modern home. A modern garden room with integrated shed often has a flat or pent roof. In addition, a modern summerhouse often has larger windows that let in a lot of light.

Garden sheds with a canopy or veranda also offer extra luxury. Modern garden sheds offer the ideal combination of functionality and comfort. At Lugarde we have a wide range of different options. Do you already know which summerhouse you are looking for? For example, choose a garden house with canopy or garden house with veranda.

Garden house with canopy

What about a garden house with a canopy? Modern, efficient and convenient for all seasons. So you can enjoy the long days in summer or seek shade under your canopy in the afternoon. You can also enjoy your own gazebo with a canopy in winter, as it functions perfectly as a cosy shelter. Place a heater, for example, and the warm winter evenings can begin!

Looking for the ideal combination of a storage shed and a cosy place where you can have a drink with family and friends? At Lugarde, we have a wide range of garden sheds with canopy.

Modern summerhouse with panel system

By choosing a panel system you will create a garden house with a modern look. The panel system consists of ready-made panels, making it easy and quick to assemble. All you have to do is slide the panels together. The roofs of our garden houses with panel system are flat and the dimensions are up to 4 metres deep.

The width of the house is unlimited. The panel system is available in different types of wood; it is not possible to combine different types of wood, but different panels can be combined. So will you go for a modern look with our panel system?

Our Pro system

The pro-system is a building system developed by Lugarde and used by us since 2015. It gives a robust modern look due to the solid posts in the construction. It is a unique construction for luxury summerhouses. The system is easy to assemble. The posts of this system have slots into which the wall sections can easily be slid. Due to this unique construction, an aluminium strip ensures a sturdy structure.

Modern Gardenhouse

Design your own modern summerhouse

As we offer customised solutions, the products on our website are just a few examples of what we do. Would you like to change the dimensions of a product or combine certain elements of different summerhouses? Then use our simple 3D configurator and design your own unique summerhouse. Of course, you can also tell us your personal customisation wishes. Have some further questions? Then contact us!

Lugarde quality

Lugarde is all about quality. Would you rather see our summerhouses in person? You can! Visit one of our dealers. Our dealers are spread all over the UK. Easily find a dealer near you; all you need to do is enter a city or postal code. Together, we will discuss your needs and give you appropriate advice. We are not satisfied until you are.