Lawn mower storage

Lawn mower storage



If you like a well-groomed lawn, it is likely that you have a lawn mower somewhere at home. This piece of machinery and other hand tools need to be kept safely from the elements of weather and moisture after use. Good lawn mower storage ensures that they stay in optimal condition. 

Consider a separate mower storage area from your home or garage. It is not only risk-free in terms of accidents and fuel spills but also helps declutter your living space. You can have an outdoor lawn mower storage built in the yard where you can keep all the tools that you use for home improvement. 

Create storage room for several tools 


It is a clever idea to have all the tools in one place. You will spend less time looking for a specific tool that you wish to use, and you have lower chances of being injured in an accident. When determining the size of the garden storage for your lawn mower, consider all the other tools you have in place: hammers, saws, sledgehammers, and any other powered tools 

Also, consider incorporating shelves and hooks into the storage room layout to ensure safe storage of your tools. If you need to, you have the option to expand its size, making it more versatile and able to accommodate larger or more varied items, such as a bicycle. 

Maintain the aesthetics   

Storing the lawnmower in the garden serves a practical purpose but should not compromise the overall appearance of the shed. Our wooden garden storage sheds fit in perfectly with the surrounding garden, maintaining a welcoming environment. You can explore prefabricated storage options or use your creativity with a customised design. 

When it comes to shed roof design, there are several options to consider, such as apex, flat roof, and inverted apex designs. The choice depends on factors such as the size of the shed, aesthetic preferences, and budget. At Lugarde, we offer a wide range of summer houses, sheds, garages and gazebo designs so you can find the one that best suits your home.  

Consider the security of your tools 

Your tools are quite an investment. Therefore, you should keep them safe from all elements and theft. Your small garden tool shed should be well secured with a lockable door and windows. It should be safe from moisture and dust, which may damage your tools. 

Determine the best location in your garden 

Consider a convenient corner where there is no unusable space left between the fence and the structure. The outdoor lawn mower storage should not be too close to other structures so that it does not limit your usage of them.  It should be constructed in such a way that it does not stop you from enjoying any part of your garden shed. The best wood for your storage  

Wood is one of the most popular shed building materials and for good reason. First, it is durable and can be customized for an aesthetically pleasing design. We treat our wood to ensure that it is not prone to rot or damage by insects like carpenter bees and termites. 

Ready to have the right storage lawn mower where you can keep other garden tools? Look no further than Lugarde. Our team will also assist you in choosing size, design and roofing options based on your needs. Check out our wide selection of garden storage designs here.