Light installations in your garden house!

Light installations in your garden house!


Now that it’s getting dark early outside, you can’t do without the optimal lighting in your garden shed. In this blog we will give you some inspiration on how to magically illuminate your wooden garden house and your remaining garden in the dark season. Summer house lights will create a very nice atmosphere. Are you looking for log cabin lighting ideas? In this article we tell you all about the lighting for log cabins!

Classic lighting

There are several options when it comes to summer house lights. The first option when it comes to summer house lighting are the classic lamps. Classic lighting, which you can also use in your garden shed, includes ceiling lamps and floor lamps. These require a power connection and could then be secured or set up to illuminate your gazebo.

Indirect lighting

Indirect lighting is a trend that makes your summerhouse particularly cosy. In principle, this means that the light does not fall directly on objects but is reflected by the wall or the floor. Therefore, no hanging or standing lamps are used, but rather installations are usually attached to the walls or objects, which cause this exact reflection. LED strips are particularly suitable for these indirect light sources. They can be found in many shops with a self-adhesive function, which makes the installation child’s play. Light strips can be glued behind cabinets, sofas, beds and much more. They are also particularly useful for your garden shed, as they hardly generate any heat and can therefore be attached to wood without risk. Such LED strips are often applied with a warm white to pale yellow light. However, if you prefer extraordinary lighting, you can also buy LED strips in different colours or with colour changes.

Light chains

Another very popular alternative for both outside and inside is the decoration with light chains. You can buy them in all possible colours and shapes. Light chains can be attached to the walls or placed over the furniture in the garden shed. It is also possible to create a starry sky on the ceiling using light chains. These can also be used in garden sheds that are completely without electricity, because they operate on batteries.


The oldest of the lighting alternatives is candlelight. Even today, candles are still used for light, warmth and cosiness in wooden garden sheds. You can also spread different scents with candles in your garden shed. Of course, you should be particularly careful with candles in wooden houses, as there is a risk of fire. Even with light chains, we recommend using only tested, high quality  chains, otherwise there is also a risk of fire here.

Outdoor lighting

Indirect lighting elements can also be used for outdoor lighting. For example, lamps that are attached so that the light is reflected by the gazebo. On the other hand, spotlights can also be installed in the ground to illuminate different plants, decorative objects or even the garden house itself. For example, garden luminaires can also be installed in a round shape, which can be used to light sidewalks. Another advantage of outdoor lighting is that it provides security. Usually, people break into completely dark gardens, which can be avoided by using light.   Do you also want to find the right garden house to light it up in a special way? Then we hope that we have increased your interest in a Lugarde gazebo. Take a look around on our website for the right log cabin for your garden!