Lugarde is first to add Augmented Reality to 3D garden building configurator!

Lugarde is first to add Augmented Reality to 3D garden building configurator!


In the past Lugarde was the first company offering summerhouses, log cabins, verandas and other wooden products to come up with an online 3D configurator. It enables you to put together a complete tailor-made summerhouse.

The company from Laren in the Netherlands now takes the next step and comes up with a new innovative solution. It is now possible to put together a summerhouse in 3D and virtually place it in your own garden with Augmented Reality (AR).

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Why is this functionality so unique?

When it comes to installing a summerhouse or log cabin, for many people this is a major investment. A summerhouse will certainly remain in the garden for many years. It is important to make sure that it fits well in the garden and that it is in the right place. Of course, all of this can be measured and gauged in the garden. Yet it is always exciting when a summerhouse is built, is it exactly as planned? Has everything been correctly measured beforehand?

With the new augmented reality functionality added to the configurator, some of that uncertainty is eliminated. It is possible to see the summerhouse in the garden before it is built. In addition, the AR representation is entirely to scale; the summerhouse can be viewed from all sides. It is even possible to look through the windows and walk inside! This way, it is clear in advance how the summerhouse will look in the garden and whether it fits exactly where it should.

Andrea Wuestman (owner of Lugarde): ‘You don’t buy a summerhouse just like that, we love wood at Lugarde, we use sustainable wood of the best quality. This feels like a logical next step for us. We will give our (potential) customers an even better experience with our products. In addition to the complete 3D configuration they can now directly see if the summerhouse fits in their garden, where it should be positioned and if there are any design changes that need to be made. We are very pleased with this new functionality and proud of the fact that we were the first in our industry to introduce it.’

Augmented reality is now used on several platforms, but still has a large fun factor. Lugarde now combines that fun factor with a truly practical application. Augmented reality is a live image of reality, supplemented with elements by a computer. In this case a complete summerhouse.

Endless possibilities

With the 3D configurator in combination with Augmented Reality from Lugarde it is possible to assemble a summerhouse, log cabin or other product completely to size in just a few steps. This offers a great advantage, as the summerhouse can be designed completely according to personal wishes.

In the process it is possible to completely change things like product type (summerhouse, log cabin, garage, veranda), roofs, doors, windows, door fittings and roof finish. Furthermore, a choice can be made in the finish of the product, for example spray impregnation or staining.

How does it work exactly?

All information about the 3D configurator can be found on the Lugarde website. The augmented reality functionality has been added to the existing configurator. After going through all the steps, the button augmented reality appears. If a user follows the instructions here, he or she will receive an e-mail. The e-mail contains further instructions, and with a mobile phone it is then easy to place the summerhouse in the garden. After this, one can completely check whether the summerhouse fits, walk around it and even look inside.

Andrea Wuestman: ‘Of course we thought it was great to do. We put up a summerhouse in the car park right by our office to see how it works. It’s fantastic to see your own design in augmented reality.’

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