Luxury garden canopy

Luxury garden canopy


A luxury canopy garden is a wonderful addition to your home. It allows you to extend
your outdoor life and enjoy that extra bit of home all year round. Because even in
less favourable weather conditions, you can sit perfectly well under the canopy.
But canopies don’t have to be attached to your house. At Lugarde you can find an
extensive range of luxury canopies, always made of high-quality wood.

Wooden canopy

With a Lugarde luxury garden canopy you always have the guarantee that the wood
is of high quality. The pinewood we use for your canopy comes from northern
countries with a cold climate. Because of this cold climate, the trees grow more
slowly. As a result, the wood has fine annual rings, ensuring a strong structure. The
wood of your canopy is then dried to 14-16%, which prevents deformation. Lugarde
makes all the timber for verandas, summerhouses and log cabins to measure. This
way, the timber parts fit together precisely.


Protection of luxury canopies

Are you planning to purchase a canopy soon? Then the right treatment for your
luxury canopy is of great importance. At Lugarde, we have an extensive range of
treatments for your luxury canopy. This treatment protects the canopy against all
influences of the weather.

We can treat your porch before it is assembled. In this way, the protective agent
reaches every spot of the wood. Lugarde offers the option of impregnating your
luxury conservatory using boiler pressure. The impregnating agent is pressed deep
into the wood of the canopy, and once the wood has dried again you no longer need
to treat or paint it. But you can also do this yourself, in which case we recommend a
protective agent with moisture-regulating properties and protection against UV
radiation. However, this protection is not the same as boiler pressure impregnation,
where the core of the wood is reached.

Building a luxury canopy

At Lugarde, we have three possible building systems for your canopy:
● Prima 3-1 system
Pro system
Log cabin system

The prima 3=1 system has been developed and patented by Lugarde. Lugarde
offers two different wall thicknesses, these are: 28 mm and 44 mm. Without nails or
screws the wall sections are slid into the corner posts. This ensures a modern, sleek
and stable construction. The Pro system is an alternative construction system for

your canopy. It has also been developed by Lugarde. This system has a more robust
appearance. The wall sections are slid into laminated posts, which makes assembly
easy as the wall sections do not have to be slid into the structure from above. A final
option is the log cabin system, which is a popular choice for a classic and rural
luxury canopy. The corner joints overlap, creating a strong connection. Again, the
tongue and groove fit together perfectly due to Lugarde customisation.

What does a luxury canopy cost?

The price of a luxury canopy at Lugarde depends on your requirements. The size
and material ultimately also influence the total price. At Lugarde, your wishes are our
focus. If you are looking for a luxury canopy that meets your needs and wishes, you
are guaranteed to succeed at Lugarde.

Luxury canopy made to measure

Would you like to design your luxury canopy according to your wishes? You can do
so in our 3D configurator. In a few easy steps you can design your luxury canopy to
suit the look of your garden. Nothing is too crazy, and you can let your creativity run
wild in the 3D configurator. Designing your own luxury canopy gives your new
roofing an extra luxurious and personal touch.