The female version of the mancave. Make your own she shed!

The female version of the mancave. Make your own she shed!


For years, rooms in the house have been converted into mancaves. A space especially for men to relax with friends. We often see men putting in a game console or a bar. But besides the mancave, we now also have the she shed. The counterpart for (as you might expert) women. A space that you can decorate to your own wishes and where you as a woman can relax, just as the men do. We all want a little room to call our own. Whether it’s a creative escape or a cosy cottage, you don’t need much space for your own she shed. And of course, your she shed has a ‘no boys allowed’ door policy. Did you know that a summer house can be the ideal base for a she shed in your own garden? Curious? Then read on! Your garden room with shed is ideal for the safe storage of your garden items. That is definitely true. But your summer house could be so much more. It can be the place to completely relax, to be creative with your hobbies. There are plenty of possibilities to turn your summer house into a lovely she shed. We would like to give you some tips and tricks in this article.

Define your goal

Do you want to do some gardening? Would you like to practice your hobby or mostly relax with a good glass of wine in the company of your friends? By thinking in advance about what exactly you want to make of your summer house, you can determine what you need to shape it. Your she shed isn’t really a she shed until you feel completely at home in it. The first step is therefore to determine the purpose of your summer house. After that you can start decorating your own she shed. Of course we will be happy to give you some tips for this.


Do you love a certain colour, do you have a favourite animal, do you love motorcycling or do you love spring? Assigning a theme to your she shed gives you an easier way to design your she shed entirely according to your own wishes. After all, you decorate your summer house according to your own wishes. A theme makes it that much easier to furnish your summer house. Make it as wild or as tranquil as you like. For example, there are mancaves completely furnished with car parts, such as tires as a table and chairs from the car. Make a she shed according to your own wishes and decorate it with the help of a theme. You can then extend your theme to an extra interpretation such as a fitness, bar or creative room.


You can design your summer house as a gym and be active. To do this, make sure you put some fitness equipment in your summer house, such as: A treadmill Dumbbells and weight bench A yoga mat TRX ropes  Make sure you properly secure things you need to attach to the wall (such as the TRX ropes). Lugarde summer houses are made of durable and very solid wood where you can easily attach things for your gym on the wall. Don’t forget that you need electricity and possibly water in your summer house. How you can realise this is explained in the step-by-step plan in the article.


Nothing like having a drink (and gossiping) with friends. Your own bar is a must-have for that! You can make it as luxurious as you like. Place an entire bar in it that you find somewhere at a furniture sale. Or use a beverage cabinet and tables to make a small corner with beverage bottles. Your bar isn’t complete without a lovely sitting area. Make sure you keep enough space for this so that you and your friends can sit freely. Of course, you can also choose a nice coffee bar or create something similar.

Creative space

Do you like painting? Or pottery? Or do you like to do something else creative? Then you can set up your she shed for this. A convenient workbench is indispensable for this. Just like good cabinets to store your stuff in and boxes where you can safely store your stuff. If, for example, you are fond of painting or pottery, keep in mind that your garden shed and she shed are well insulated. Obviously, you don’t want a summer house that is too cold, and a cold summer house could also be detrimental for drying your creations.  Wood is by nature a product that has a good insulating effect. In addition, Lugarde summer houses come standard with HR++ double glazing, both for the windows and doors. Also don’t forget that your she shed could use some nice creative decoration. Browse vintage markets and thrift stores to pick out those pearls. A nice old chair or nice closet can really brighten up your she shed.

Make your own she shed!

A she shed is basically the same as the mancave that many already know. A wonderful space for women. A summer house is a perfect location for your own she sed. Nice and quiet and you can design it as you see fit. You can make your she shed in a certain theme, such as a gym, bar or creative room. If you already have a summer house in the garden you can get started right away! Design it, get to work, and above all, enjoy your own she shed afterwards. A delightful space especially for you and your friends. If you don’t have a summer house yet, you can design it yourself in our 3D configurator. You can then really truly build your she shed from scratch. Of course, you can also order ready-made summer houses for your she shed from us. Our free brochure has beautiful examples, which our customers have designed themselves and which you can order.