Movie night in your garden house!

Movie night in your garden house!


It’s time for the monthly friends’ night again! One of your friends organizes a nice evening together. This can vary from a night of bowling together to ‘just’ an evening of watching football. It’s your turn this month and you’re hesitating between a few ideas you’re going to organize a movie night or is it going to be a cozy gourmet evening. In this blog, we will take you with us how you can organize the perfect movie night in your garden house.

How do you do it?

To start with, you need to divide up your garden shed in such a way that you have enough space for everyone and also a place where you can put your beamer or TV. First you have to think about what kind of movie night you want to organize. Do you already have a TV in your garden house that meets the requirements that everyone can see the screen well enough? Is the tv enough or do you have the idea to work with a beamer and a laptop?

Both options offer some examples. When you want to watch with a TV, you often have a much sharper picture than when you start working with a beamer and laptop. However, the big advantage of a beamer weather is that you have an extremely large image so that everyone can see it perfectly and no problems arise about it.

When you have made the choice for the type of image, you will have to decorate your garden shed in such a way that everyone will have a nice place to watch the film. Of course, everyone wants to have a good picture! An important choice here is for example the type of furniture. You can place chairs anywhere but perhaps it is much wiser to think of a sofa with some smaller chairs.

Creating your own garden house

You can also create your own garden house with our 3D configurator! Here you can create the perfect design where you can spend many evenings with your friends. You will be guided through the entire configuration in simple steps. You will have different choices such as wall thicknesses and a wide choice of windows and doors. You will also be asked to determine your own dimensions and the type of treatment and the colours. When you have gone through everything you will get a very clear picture of what your garden house will look like through our 3D design which is next to your design. It gets the colours you use and also the different doors and windows.

Would you like to design your own summerhouse or log cabin in order to have the perfect evenings with all your friends? Take a look at our website or contact us to discuss all the possibilities!