Need new garden furniture? Take this into account

Need new garden furniture? Take this into account


The end of the summer is unfortunately approaching. An end to the long days where we get to see the sun for a long time. The days get shorter and the evenings and nights longer. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t still sit outside. With a Lugarde veranda, a wooden or glass garden room or summer house with canopy, you’ll also be wonderfully sheltered on colder days and evenings. Nevertheless, we can imagine that you will also want to sit comfortably on a nice garden set. Perhaps you already have a garden set in the garden, but is ripe for replacement? It may sound crazy, but this coming autumn is the perfect time to replace your garden furniture. This is when they are often on sale. After all, they are making way for the ‘new’ trends for the following year.

Usually, these trends have to do more with colours and less with the materials from which the garden furniture is made. This means that you will be able to enjoy your garden for years to come, and with cushions and other decorations, you can transform your garden to be fully in line with the trends. We list a number of common garden sets so that you can make a well-considered choice regarding which one to buy – perhaps on sale.

A wooden garden set

Lugarde loves wood. Our summer houses are therefore treated with the greatest possible care so that they have an average lifespan of fifteen years or more. Wooden garden furniture often does not last very long. That’s because they’re not treated as meticulously as we do our summer houses. A wooden garden set needs to be replaced when the wood starts to rot or split. This rotting can be caused by the wood not being properly treated and therefore absorbing too much moisture.

Splitting often means that the wood is much too dry. This causes it to expand and split at vulnerable points. Of course, your wooden garden set can also be just ‘done’. Lugarde tip >A wooden garden set is less likely to need replacing if you store it in a summer house every winter, thus protecting it from wind and weather influences.

A plastic garden set

For years, plastic garden sets were the most used garden sets in the Netherlands. You would hardly ever see a garden without a plastic set in it. Perhaps not surprising; after all, it is incredibly durable. Plastic is easy to clean and very light, making it easy to fold and move. It also suffers less from weather conditions, although plastic dries out over the years when it has been in the sun too long and too often.  A plastic set is still immensely popular, and we at Lugarde often see it in our summer houses with canopy or veranda. They are also often used on campsites.

Lugarde wooden gardenhouse

Metal (bistro) set

A metal bistro set looks great in your garden and often serves more as decoration than as a real seat. The disadvantage of metal is that if it is damaged by anything, the set will eventually rust. This can serve as an extra boost to the experience the bistro set offers in your garden. It can give the garden a rural look, but you may also not want it to rust at all. If you do not want this, you will have to actively protect and treat the set.

A metal set also has a higher chance of green deposits, because it adheres to it relatively easily. Of course, you can easily use ecological green deposit cleaner to get your metal furniture nice and clean again.

Wicker lounge set

The wicker lounge set has been on the rise for many years. Especially in summer houses with a canopy or a veranda attached to the house, these garden sets are frequently used. After all, a lounge set lets you easily create a comfortable extra seating area, which serves as an extension of your living room. The cushions are often taken inside, which is wise. But also keep in mind that the – often wicker – frame can also suffer from wind and weather conditions.

In really cold winters, it is better to store the set in your summer house. Or make sure it is neatly covered if you will not be using it for a while. That way, you can enjoy it much longer. Once in a while, you can buy new large cushions or small cushions that will give your lounge set a completely different look.

Lugarde garden furniture

Buying new garden furniture

Whatever choice you make, your garden furniture will be better preserved if you temporarily store it in your summer house. As a result, they are protected against wind and weather and last much longer. Your Lugarde summer house is very well treated and, depending on the type of wood you choose, it will last for decades Does your garden set not yet fit in your summer house or does your garden still have room for a summer house?

With Lugarde’s 3D configurator, you can design your own summer house and keep space available for storing the garden set. If you have any questions about the possibilities of a summer house from Lugarde, please contact us. We are happy to help you. This way, you can enjoy your garden, your summer house and garden furniture for as long as possible!