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NEW at Lugarde, the panel system

NEW at Lugarde, the panel system


We are proud to introduce a new building system, the panel system for summerhouses. With this system, assembly is quick and easy. This is because all wall panels are prefabricated in our factory. The panels create a modern-looking construction. The panel system is a mix-and-match principle where you decide which panels or type of wood you want to use in the garden house of your dreams! The name says it all, the system consists of ready-made panels (walls). All you have to do is attach them to each other. This makes a considerable difference during assembly.

You get to enjoy your own garden house in no time. If you choose Siberian Larch, Douglas wood or a boiler pressure impregnated house, you will not need to paint for the time being! Maximum enjoyment, without too much maintenance, who doesn’t want that? Do you prefer pinewood? Then let us pre-treat and stain the panels in the factory. This way the weather does not stand a chance against your new summerhouse!

The roofs of our garden houses with a panel system are flat and the dimensions of the garden house are up to 4 metres deep and the width of the house is unlimited. Naturally, it is possible to design a garden house with the dimensions that suit your garden.

Wood types for the panel system

There are various wood type options for our panel system. It is not possible to combine different types of wood, but it is possible to combine different panels. More about that later in this article.

Siberian Larch

Siberian, that must be cold, right? Indeed, Siberian Larch grows in very cold areas. The cold climate causes the trees to grow slowly. This makes the wood extremely durable and has strength that is comparable to oak. Siberian Larch can stay outside untreated for up to 20 years. This does depend on the location and weather conditions. Siberian Larch will become a bit greyish over time. Furthermore, this wood species is characterised by a yellowish colour and relatively small knots. The lifespan of this wood can be further extended by treating it with a transparent stain or oil. This also prevents the previously mentioned greying to a large extent. Siberian Larch is not comparable to European Larch, as it has about double the lifespan!  

A garden house of Siberian Larch with a combination of wood, door and window panels.


Douglas wood

This wood species is also very durable and originates from Western Europe. Untreated, Douglas wood can last approximately 10 to 15 years, again depending on location and weather conditions. The colour of this wood is light 

yellow-red to yellow-brown. If this type of wood is treated with a transparent oil or stain, the lifespan will also be extended here. This also ensures that there will be less greying. Garden house with douglas panels and a Swedish rabat gunwale profile. This creates a rural and classic look.


Finally, with our panel system, it is possible to choose spruce. This wood species is characterised by a very light colour and it is a versatile softwood species. Lugarde’s spruce grows in the coldest areas, so the trees grow slowly 

and the wood is very strong and durable. Spruce must always be treated to protect it from the weather, and we offer various colour treatments for this.  Garden house with vertical spruce panels. Without a roof overhang this garden house has a modern look. The different types of wood all have their own advantages and create their own unique appearance. This way you can be sure that you have a garden house in your garden that you can enjoy for a long time and will suit you, your garden and your house perfectly.

Different panels

We mentioned it briefly, but the possibilities with the panel system are endless because you can choose from as many as six different panels. We will go through all the different panels and explain to you what the possibilities are. A one-sided wood panel These panels are available in sizes 150, 200 and 250 centimetres in a vertical, horizontal or gunwale variant, depending on the type of wood you choose. The inside of this panel is not covered. A two-sided wood panel These panels are also available in sizes 150, 200 and 250 centimetres in a vertical, horizontal or gunwale variant, depending on the type of wood you choose. The inside of this panel is covered with spruce with a spring-and-groove connection. Insulation panel This is comparable to a two-sided wood panel in terms of available sizes and interior finish. The difference is on the inside of the panel. It contains a layer of 60 mm Rockwool insulation. A door and window panel These panels, too, are available in sizes 150, 200 and 250 centimetres. These panels have a recess for the window or door of your choice. The recess in the panel is cut exactly to size in the factory. Glass panel Just like the other panels, these are available in sizes 150, 200 and 250 centimetres. The glass panels are double glazed, which is also safety glass. The panels can be supplied with or 


without rods. An example of glass panels with rods is shown below.  Slat panel Lastly, we have included the slat panel in our collection of panels. These are available in sizes 150, 200 and 250 centimetres. The slat panels are made of Siberian Larch and can be treated with a coloured stain. It is also possible to leave them untreated. With a slat panel, you are sheltered but can still enjoy a lovely breeze. Furthermore, sunrays will slightly shine inside.

Do you have your own design in mind?

The possibilities of our garden houses with the panel system are endless. On our website you can find inspiration from a number of examples. Didn’t you find what you were looking for yet? Then easily design your own garden house with our unique 3D configurator: With the configurator it is possible to design a complete dream garden house. You can easily adjust the following elements: ● Dimensions and wall thickness of the garden house can be adjusted ● The type of wood and cladding can be adjusted ● Colour treatment can be applied ● Floors, insulation & other accessories can be added Our configurator also gives you a clear overview of all prices and specifications. Furthermore, it is possible to view images and videos of the garden houses.

Excited yet?

Have you become excited after reading this information about our panel system? View our complete brochure online to read and see much more about our garden houses and log cabins. If you have any questions about our panel system or would like to discuss the possibilities for your situation with an employee, please contact us by phone at 0573 401 800. Want to never miss anything from Lugarde again? Then subscribe to the newsletter.