Outdoor tool storage

Outdoor tool storage


Outdoor tool storage 

Outdoor tool storage solutions are essential when it comes to outdoor living space. You can store your garden tools outside while protecting them from bad weather and free them from dust and rust. You can design your tool storage solution to ensure  the building is customised to suit your garden space. 

Lugarde’s garden houses 

Lugarde’s  wooden summer houses can be the perfect outdoor tool storage solution for your garden. Wooden tool sheds are functional structures for outdoor storage where you can keep equipment, gardening tools, and outdoor supplies. You can choose your preferred option based on whether you want a small shed for primary storage or a large one that can accommodate tools and even be helpful to work as your workshop or leasure area.  

Wooden tool sheds maintenance

Small wooden garden shed with a piramide roof

A wooden tool shed is an ideal option to keep your tools organized and store your gardening supplies. A wooden tool shed resists elements like rain or sunshine and keeps your tools safe and durable. The best part is you can always maintain it by adding a new coat of paint. Weather resistance, security, and durability make wooden sheds suitable. When choosing your wooden shed, you need to consider the quality of the timber. The timber quality determines the shed’s durability, as high-grade timber makes the shed stronger.  You should also consider using storm anchors to help withstand windy conditions. 

Benefits of small Summer houses

If you have enough space in your backyard, a small summer house would be suitable for your tool storage solution. Such a shed is secure and keeps your tools protected from the elements.  You can even personalize the shed by selecting the diverse treatment options available in our assortiment. 

Outdoor tool storage solutions are instrumental in keeping your garden and tools organized. They reduce the clutter around the garden by providing a secure and suitable option to store your items. Lugarde assists you with critical advice and solutions in implementing the ideal outdoor tool storage. Contact our dealer network  for more information about how to create the right storage shed for your garden. 

Customising your wooden garden house

Wooden tool sheds are versatile as they let you personalize them according to look, colour, and design. You can even use the wooden garden storage as bike storage for a small garden and keep your bicycle safe from the harsh weather. These sheds can be designed to recreate a summer house concept that will complement your garden’s aesthetic. 

Before building a garden storage unit, you must consider the size and space, building codes and requirements, security, ventilation and lighting, and a budget.  With our 3D-configurator you can customise your own wooden garden house free of charge.