Your personal wellness oasis in your own garden

Your personal wellness oasis in your own garden


Do you want to do something good for your body and soul? After a hard day, would you like to relax in your own garden? Would you like to make your garden even more peaceful? Then why not create a personal wellness oasis in your summerhouse?

Create a place for rest and relaxation in your summerhouse where you can recover from your stressful everyday life.

A home sauna in your summerhouse

A sauna is the ideal place to relax in peace. A session in your sauna is not only good for your well being, but also for your health. To make the oasis complete, why not build a shower and a relaxation room too? Here you can lie back on a lounger and listen to the sounds of soothing music. You are completely undisturbed in your wellness oasis, and the natural wood structure contributes to relaxation.

Lugarde Wellness Sauna Gartenhaus Oase

Your summerhouse becomes a bathhouse

But of course a sauna isn’t the only way to relax. You can also build a whirlpool where you can unwind, turning your garden house into a wellness oasis. Or set up a peaceful area where you can relax on your lounger after your bath. If you don’t have the space in your summerhouse for a relaxation room, what about a relaxation area outside under a canopy?

Lugarde Wellness Whirlpool summerhouse

How to turn your summerhouse into a wellness oasis!

To transform your summerhouse into a wellness oasis, you need to insulate your summerhouse. Insulation is particularly important so that the pleasant warmth indoors doesn’t immediately disappear outside.

Lugarde Roof Floor InsulationLugarde Double Wall Insulation

Make sure that your summerhouse has a wall thickness of at least 44 mm. For a sauna cabin, the best wall thickness is 68 mm. In addition, the ceiling of the cabin should be insulated, and your windows should have double glazing.


The perfect view over your garden

To create the perfect atmosphere, we recommend installing floor length windows in your summerhouse. This gives you a pleasant view over your garden and brings natural light into your wellness oasis. But don’t forget to make sure that your garden is well protected from prying eyes, so you don’t feel overlooked as you relax. You can also install windows in your sauna room, so you can also enjoy the view from there. Or what about installing sliding glass walls? You can easily open these and relax in the fresh air of your garden.

Lugarde Glass sliding walls

Whether for just an hour or the entire evening, a wellness oasis in your own summerhouse offers you the perfect place to relax and unwind after a stressful day.

Ready to relax in your garden? Start designing your personal wellness oasis with our 3D Configurator. Make your own custom made personal wellness space for your garden. This can be any size or shape you like. What are you waiting for? Start designing.


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