Protect your car from frost with a Lugarde garage

Protect your car from frost with a Lugarde garage


We’ve all been there: you get up just a little too late, so now you have to hurry to get to work or an appointment on time. When you get to your car, it turns out you need to scrape the frost off your windows. Not exactly how you want to start off your day. Although we can’t influence the weather, parking your car in a garage or under a Lugarde veranda can at least prevent the need to scrape it.

Garage or veranda for your car?

Fortunately, the Dutch winters are not so severe. That’s why parking your car under a veranda is often sufficient to prevent having to scrape your car windows in light frost, especially if the veranda is off the wind and/or has at least one closed wall. If it does freeze really badly for one or two nights, you can always put a blanket over your car in the evening to prevent frozen windows. However, a wooden garage can be used for far more purposes than just storing your car.

How about storing things you don’t use on a weekly or monthly basis, or a place for your tools? Plus, your garage doesn’t have to consist of just one room; Lugarde’s wooden garages can be divided into several rooms, so that you can add a gym or even a garden office.

Protect your car against all weather conditions

Of course, a wooden garage or veranda not only protects your car against frost, but also against all weather conditions. In the summer, your car is not a sauna because it is always nice and cool in the shade, and in stormy weather, you run no risk of hail damage. As an added bonus, because your car is covered, it doesn’t need to be washed as often. So parking your car in a wooden garage or under a veranda has nothing but advantages!

Wooden garage insulation

At Lugarde, we love wood. And that is for good reason. For instance, wood naturally has an insulating effect. So a wooden garage doesn’t really need extra insulation to protect your car against frost, unlike stone garages that let in a lot more cold. Even though wood keeps frost out, your wooden garage can feel like a cold and humid space, especially in winter. Poorly insulated areas often have high humidity.

When you want to use your wooden garage for more than just parking your car, it may be wise to insulate your garage. An extra refrigerator, stored items or tools usually do not do well when they come into contact with moisture. If you want your garage to be insulated immediately upon delivery, you can choose roof insulation, floor insulation and/or wall insulation from Lugarde.

Store your car in a Lugarde garage

With a Lugarde wooden garage or veranda, you will never suffer cold hands from scraping your car windows again and you can stay in bed a few minutes longer in the morning because the windows of your car are not frozen. Who wouldn’t want that?  At Lugarde, we have over 40 years of experience in the design and production of wooden roofs, carports and garages. We offer a wide range of high-quality garden products that are made in our own factory. This way, we can provide competitively priced customisation with many standard benefits. You can choose one of our standard models or design your wooden garage entirely according to your wishes with our 3D configurator.

For instance, combine a beautiful veranda or summer house with a covered spot to park your car. Whether you opt for a complete garage or just a veranda, the possibilities are endless.