#6 The pyramid roof – what you need to know…

#6 The pyramid roof – what you need to know…


Once a month, we give important tips about building a summerhouse in our series: “What makes a quality summerhouse?”. Our architects and wood professionals explain which details are important when you want a summerhouse to last as long as possible. From material choice to final assembly, everything will be dealt with. In this way, you can become an expert on wooden summerhouses yourself!

Choosing the right roof for your summerhouse is an important decision and should be well thought out. In order for your summerhouse to last forever, it is important to consider important factors such as weather conditions, roof inclination and much more before making this decision. To make your decision easier, we introduce you to a specific type of roof once a month. In the previous blog posts, you already got to know the characteristic features of the #4 apex roof and the #5 flat roof and also got helpful tips about the construction, the different roof coverings and the roof load. Another very interesting and increasingly popular roof shape is the pyramid roof. Pyramid roofs are captivating because of their modern character and their durability. Curious? Then read this article and get helpful information on the construction and roofing of a pyramid roof.

What is a pyramid roof?

A pyramid roof is a type of hip roof that has four sides that are all triangle shaped and all slope downward. They are built onto a square or rectangular frame. Pyramid roofs are a popular choice for a shed, gazebos, and summerhouses as they are a modern eye-catcher and definitely stand out from other roof types. Due to the special shape of the roof, the pyramid roof is very stable, especially against the wind because the surface of attack is very small. The pyramid roof also gains particular attractiveness thanks to the possibility of installing solar cells on the roof surfaces. Lugarde-Gartenhaus-Prima-Lianne-PFA07-S26ro    Lugarde-Gartenhaus-Prima-PFA04-S25

The roof covering of a pyramid roof:

The pyramid roof comes with a decorative wooden knob inside. The roof fits perfectly due to the tongue and groove design. The metal cover is made of high quality steel plates. The cover is completely sealed to prevent leaks. The hand-made covers are individually tested and then powder coated so that the roof looks smooth. On the roof, you can install a chrome ball. The shingles are usually high-quality bitumen roof shingles which consist of a carrier layer of glass fleece that are impregnated on both sides with bitumen. The top of the bitumen shingles consists of coloured mineral granules. lugarde blog shingles Bitumen roof shingles are a preferred option because they are lightweight, bendable and easy to cut. Despite all this, they are very weather- and water-resistant and additionally dam noises. Bitumen roof shingles are best used for a roof incline of 15 degrees and more to get the best result. The steeper the inclination of the roof, the faster and better the rainwater can drain and the better the space below can be used. With a lower inclination, a rain-proof substructure has to be built. The rain-proof structure is really important since it has to make sure that the rain can drain properly and, on the other hand, it should also prevent snow from slipping down in an uncontrolled manner in winter. But with such a structure, the space under the roof can no longer be used.

How to build a pyramid roof

First, when building a pyramid roof, roof struts are installed on the support strips from each corner point. They merge in the middle. At the roof ridge, a ridge cleat is attached, which connects the roof struts and holds them together. The roof struts are bolted to the frame. They usually extend beyond the frame construction, since it looks more aesthetically pleasing. During the installation, attention should be paid to the roof slope so that snow and rainwater can run off. Next, the horizontal roof boards are bolted to the struts on each roof side. You should be especially careful while doing this to make sure that no joints are formed, since this will lead to poor insulation. lugarde blog pyramid roof After that, the bitumen roof shingles are laid on the roof. The roof is rounded off with a pyramid roof finisher. If you are not sure about whether to choose a pyramid roof, flat roof or apex roof for your summerhouse, no worries! In the following months, we will also discuss other interesting roof types, like the pent roof and the asymmetrical roof, and introduce you to the special features of these roof types. Stay tuned!

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