Sedum roofs, a jewel for the eye!

Sedum roofs, a jewel for the eye!


Always wanted a sedum roof and haven’t found out exactly what the options are and what to think of? Then read on and find out what you can encounter.

Sedum what is it exactly?

A sedum roof is a roof on which sedum grows. Sedums are succulents. Plants that absorb moisture in their leaves. The sedum plants are extremely strong, which protects them from drought and tropical weather for a few weeks. Also, a lot of rainwater is not a disaster, which is of course an advantage in the United Kingdom. The drainage of water is of course very important because if the plants are flooded, they can drown. Moreover, moss will grow due to a lot of moisture and not everyone wants that on his or her garden shed or log cabin.

Of course, the sedum is not just laid on a roof. There is much more to it than just laying down the sedum. Your roof must be strong enough, because there will be more on your roof, such as EPDM, substrate, soil or a drainage mat. First of all, it is important to check whether the roof is suitable for sedum. The weight per m2 should be considered. If the roof becomes too heavy, there is a chance of the roof falling in or even collapsing. The roof may also have a maximum incline of 45 degrees otherwise the sedum cannot be laid. A good example of a type of roof where sedum can be laid well is EPDM.  EPDM is a type of foil that is intended for the first layer of the roof covering. The EPDM is attached to the roof with sealant. EPDM is of high quality, particularly durable, requires minimal care and is highly resistant to UV radiation. A sedum roof can very well be installed


on Lugarde summerhouses, log cabins, roofs and verandas with a flat roof. When the EPDM is mounted on the roof, the sedum roof can be laid. Lugarde supplies the sedum roofs even if the weight per square metre is taken into account.


  • Installing a green roof or sedum roof is not only a piece of jewelry to the eye, it has many more advantages for both yourself and the environment. Not only does it have a good appearance, it also has an excellent insulating effect. Furthermore, the roof attracts many butterflies and birds, so you can enjoy the sedum roof even more because it then lives and blooms.
  • A sedum roof ensures that the mosses and succulents provide your current roofing material with extra protection against UV radiation and other weather conditions that could have a negative effect on your roofing material. This significantly increases the lifespan of the roof.
  • The insulation value of a sedum roof is high. The sedum plants can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, which makes the roof even more attractive.
  • The plants on the sedum roof use the absorbed rainwater to avoid drying out and staying cold. The absorbed moisture is released into the air again under the influence of UV radiation. This automatically cools down your summerhouse. These are all advantages when choosing a sedum roof.
  • Environmentally friendly, the green roofs contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions and the filtering of fine dust.

There are 2 types of sedum roofs. An extensive green roof and an intensive green roof. An extensive green roof is mainly covered with mosses, succulents and herbs, giving it a bit of a chaotic appearance. An intensive green roof is mainly covered with shrubs, grass and trees, which in turn gives it a very lively appearance.


Would you like to install a sedum roof on your garden shed or log cabin? Then look at our site or contact us to discuss all possibilities.