Siberian Larch and Douglas wood, what are the differences?

Siberian Larch and Douglas wood, what are the differences?


Let’s not beat about the bush, Lugarde loves wood. That is why we only use premium quality wood. Multiple types of wood can be found in our assortment, Siberian Larch and Douglas are two of those. But what are the exact differences? We will gladly explain in this blog article. If you are looking for a new summer house, a new log cabin or a veranda, you have probably visited a number of parties and viewed various websites. Undoubtedly, you have come across the terms Larch and Douglas and there is a reason for this. Larch and Douglas are two beautiful and durable wood types. They are rather similar, but still they have their differences.

Douglas wood

This type of wood originates from Northern Europe and is extremely durable, the trees can grow up to 20 metres high and have few branches, which makes them excellently suitable for the production of long beams. Douglas wood is extremely durable, even when left untreated. Douglas wood can be used for ten to fifteen years, but still we would like to recommend that you treat the wood. This will lengthen the lifespan even further. Douglas wood has a light yellow-red to yellow-brown colour which will weather over time (if untreated) into an orange-like colour. In addition, this type of wood contains a lot of rosin, which will harden in the wood over time. Feel free to view our assortment and use the filter options to easily find the summer houses made of Douglas wood.


When looking at Larch, we can state that, just as Douglas, this wood contains a lot of that rosin. This makes the wood insensitive to mould and rot. In our other article ‘properties of Larch’ we will further discuss the properties of Siberian Larch. Since these trees grow in colder areas, the annual rings are close to each other, creating wood that is even more durable.

So what are the exact differences?

Both wood types are relatively comparable and are both extremely durable. In addition, both of them derive from the northern territories. The difference between Siberian Larch and Douglas wood is that Siberian Larch grows in an even colder climate than Douglas wood. The greatest and most distinctive difference between the two of them however, is the colour. While Douglas has a somewhat more pinkish colour, Larch is usually much more yellow.

This may become a bit technical, but in Douglas wood the slope of grain is generally a bit straighter, whereas in larch it is a bit more entangled. As a result, larch often has a more flamed appearance. As you can see, the differences are but small and mainly concern the appearance of the wood. At Lugarde, we always guarantee the best quality where our summer houses, log cabins, verandas and other products are concerned.

Who is the winner?

And if we need to choose a winner? Then, in our opinion, Siberian Larch is the first choice for a wooden summer house. This is because the durability of this type of wood is just a bit more superior. Should you choose Siberian Larch, then you are assured that your summer house will last at least 15-20 years! At Lugarde we love this wood!

Do you have a Larch design in mind yourself?

The possibilities for our summer houses, by use of Siberian Larch, are endless. Get inspired on our website, viewing a number of examples. Does it not provide what you are looking for? Then design your very own summer house quickly and easily, using our unique 3D-configurator. The configurator makes it possible to design a complete dream summer house. The following elements can easily be adapted:

  • The type of wood and upholstery
  • Dimensions and wall thickness of the summer house
  • Applying possible colour treatment
  • Floors, insulation & other accessories can be added

In addition, our configurator provides a clear overview of all prices and specifications. Furthermore, it is possible to view images and videos of the summer houses. Once on our website you can simply use a filter to quickly and easily find all summer houses made of the different types of wood.

Have you become excited?

Has reading this information about Siberian Larch enthused you? Then view our complete assortment online, this is where you can read and view even more about the summer houses that were made of Douglas or Larch. Do you have any questions about this type of wood or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your situation with one of our employees, then contact us by telephone via 0573 401 800.