Siberian Larch, premium quality wood!

Siberian Larch, premium quality wood!


At Lugarde, we cannot stress it enough, we love wood. If you opt for a summer house, veranda, log cabin or garage, of course you want to be assured that the best quality wood has been used. We only use wood from northerly countries with a cold climate. Trees grow more slowly here, as a result of which the wood is given an even, strong structure. At Lugarde you can choose Siberian Larch, a premium quality type of wood. We will be happy to explain. 

Siberian Larch, premium quality wood!

Perhaps you are familiar with European Larch? Let’s get straight to the point, this is totally different from Siberian Larch. Siberian Larch originates,(as the name suggests) from Siberia. This is an utmost northerly region. The larch that grows here is substantially different from the type we have in Europe. The average temperature in the region where this larch grows, is around -30 degrees during winter, with outliers to -65 degrees. You can imagine that these trees are rather solid, being able to survive these temperatures. The trees grow much more slowly and are much more compact, which makes the wood of these trees extremely strong. The Siberian larch is a conifer and is part of the pine tree family. The trees grow up to a length of between 15 and 20 metres averagely. If the growing conditions for the tree are favourable, they could even become 40 metres high. The diameter of the trees could, in that case, be as much as 1.5 metres. The trees can reach an age of more than 200 years, in some instances.  The previously mentioned cold climate in which the trees grow ensures that the wood is utterly durable and its strength could be compared with that of oak wood. Should you choose this type of wood, then a Siberian Larch could be left outside, untreated, for as long as twenty years. Of course, this is dependent on the location and weather influences. Over time, the Siberian Larch will weather and turn somewhat grey. 

Difference with European Larch

In addition, this type of wood is characterised (if untreated) by its yellowish colour and relatively small knobs. The lifespan of this wood can be lengthened further by treating it with a transparent stain or oil. This will largely prevent the weathering. Siberian Larch is (as mentioned) totally different from European Larch, its lifespan is twice as long! European Larch can be clearly distinguished from Siberian Larch. They differ in colour, quality and size of the knobs. Siberian Larch can be recognised by the yellowish colour and the small knobs in the wood. Furthermore, Siberian Larch shows small flames. European Larch originates from areas in Poland, Germany or France. In these areas, the wood grows much faster, as a result of which it is less hard. This is where wood gets a bit of a pinkish colour, while it has larger knobs.  A summer house made of Siberian Larch, with a combination of wood, door and window panels.

The difference with Douglas wood

Larch and Douglas are also mentioned frequently where wood types and summer houses are concerned. We also have the latter type of wood in our assortment. Also here, differences can be noted in comparison with Siberian Larch. The wood usually derives from the more western parts of Europe. If untreated, this type of wood could last between 10 and 15 years. Douglas wood can be found in our assortment and also in terms of our panel systems, this type of wood can be chosen.

Do you have a Siberian Larch design in mind yourself?

The possibilities for our summer houses, by use of Siberian Larch, are endless. Get inspired on our website, viewing a number of examples. Does it not provide what you are looking for? Then design your very own summer house quickly and easily, using our unique 3D-configurator: The configurator enables you to design your very own dream summer house. The following elements can easily be adapted:

  • The type of wood and upholstery
  • Dimensions and wall thickness of the summer house
  • Applying possible colour treatment
  • Floors, insulation & other accessories can be added

In addition, our configurator provides a clear overview of all prices and specifications. Furthermore, it is possible to view images and videos of the summer houses. Once on our website, you can simply apply a filter to easily find all summer houses made of Siberian Larch.

Have you become excited?

Has reading this information about Siberian Larch enthused you? Then view our complete assortment online, this is where you can read and view even more about the Siberian Larch summer houses. Do you have any questions about this type of wood or would you like to discuss the possibilities for your situation with one of our employees, then contact us by telephone, via 0573 401 800.