Stay at home? Not necessary if you have a garden!

Stay at home? Not necessary if you have a garden!


Now that we probably spend a little more time at home, we understand very well that it is difficult to find distraction. But if you have a garden, it is not necessary to stay only in the house. You can easily start gardening. Spring is just around the corner, so there are certainly jobs that can be done immediately. Perhaps you would like to completely redesign your garden this year? Have you already thought about a summer house? Did you know that gardening is also very good for your health?

In this article we will tell you more about it and go into the offers of Lugarde.

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Many people are proud of their garden. They are people with the so-called green finger and during their time in the garden they enjoy the smell of fresh flowers and plants. But even if you don’t have this green finger, you can still go outside! We already wrote in the introduction that staying outside can have a positive effect on your health. We would like to illustrate this with a few points.

More calorie consumption

Did you know that you can burn a lot of calories by pulling up weeds and planting flowers and plants? This can be up to 200 or 400 calories per hour. If you also have a lot of lawn in your garden and mow it regularly, you can burn about 250 to 350 calories in an hour. So you can see that working in the garden can actually be a great way to work out. By comparison, to burn the same amount of calories, you need to walk for an hour or cycle for half an hour.

Mental health and prolonging life

Apart from the sporting effect, gardening can also have a positive effect on mental health. The risks of depression and stress are reduced by spending time outside. Research has shown that the risk of strokes and osteoporosis can be reduced by gardening, especially for older people. The immune system also benefits. A study in the British Medical Journal shows that gardening can greatly reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke. For people who are over 60 years old, it can also have a positive effect on life expectancy by up to 30%. So do something good for your health and get to work in your garden.

A positive feeling and a better immune system

Gardening as a form of physical exercise can be good for you because it helps to release endorphins. Endorphin is the hormone that helps you feel satisfied and relaxed. In addition, direct contact with outdoor sunlight can help to improve your mood. It also leads to the production of vitamin D, which in turn strengthens the immune system.

Being outside in your garden and experiencing the changing seasons helps you to feel connected to the world. Compare it to sitting in an office where you have a view outside. Time seems to pass faster and before you know it, it’s summer again. So it can be a nice way to spend time outdoors and experience the flowers in bloom and keep time.

Start today!

The bottom line is that regular gardening can be good for you in many different ways. And this has been scientifically proven. In addition to the health benefits, it can help you reduce stress and promote relaxation. What is better now than getting fit and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, while your garden is a beautiful environment in which to spend a lot of time.

Don’t think of gardening as a burden, but as an investment in your health and well-being. Do you plan to work in the garden? Then think about special additions for your garden. A splendid summer house, a great log cabin or a cosy veranda can give your garden just that certain something you are looking for. We love wood and to make your garden a real outdoor experience, we offer many different wood products!

It is easy to find your way around our website and it is no problem to have a garden house made to measure. You can do this by using our configurator, but you can also contact us and ask for a bespoke-design summerhouse. To design a Lugarde garden house, you do not have to leave the house at all. It could not be easier.

Once you have found something and made your decision, you can have a Lugarde summer house in your garden within 8 weeks. You can build it yourself or you can ask a professional to help you, we will be happy to help you.
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Are you interested after reading this article? Then take a look at our complete selection of garden houses online, there you can read and see much more about the garden houses and the various possibilities that are available for your garden. If you have any questions or would like to discuss with a member of the staff what is possible in your situation, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0573 401 800.