Stow your caravan safely in one of our carports or garages!

Stow your caravan safely in one of our carports or garages!


Are you in possession of a caravan or a motorhome but you can’t put it in your barn or in your garden? In this blog about parking your caravan or motorhome we will tell you all about our carports and garages. We introduce you to what is needed to park your vehicle safely and on our website, you can find out about the costs.

The different products

If you are thinking about buying a garage or a carport, you can choose from different products at Lugarde. More and more garages and carports are offered online. We now have to look at the right quality, the sizes and whether the garage or carport fits in well with your home or garden. There are several options to choose from. Think for example of a garage where you have space for your materials as well as your caravan. Or a wooden carport where you can not only store your camper but where your car can also stand next to it!

The 3D configurator

If you want to put your own motorhome or caravan in one of our garages or carports, you will soon think, my motorhome never fits in. Because the dimensions are made in such a way that they are suitable for most cars, the carports and garages may seem small. With our 3D configurator you can easily create your own design and it will fit easily in the end. With our configurator you can change the sizes and for example choose from different windows and doors. Also, the extra options you get here are different. Think for example of the different wood treatments you can choose and if you want to have a floor. Is there any insulation available? Yes, everything you think about when designing your own carport or garage will pass through these steps.

Other options

There are of course many other options that you can think of when you choose to buy a garage or carport. Of course, it doesn’t always have to be used as a roof for a caravan, motorhome or car. For example, you can also put your trailer, or perhaps your motorbike or lawnmower. You can also use the garage as a kind of garden shed, where you can store a lot of things, for example by hanging it on the walls. Moreover, you can also sit in it when the wind starts blowing too hard in the summer. There are many ways you can use your garage or carport.

Because there are many options and possibilities, the choice can be difficult. In the wooden garages and carports of Lugarde, design and quality come together. With more than 40 years of experience, we know what the customer wants, and you will surely find something on our website. Not convinced yet? Take a look at our site or try out our 3D configurator!