Sustainable summer house

Sustainable summer house


Sustainability has been an important topic in recent years. Most people are well-aware of the climate issues, but most people believe that they, personally, cannot do anything to turn the tide. This is not true, sustainability starts with you! And now that the COVID-19 crises has also reduced commuting and travelling, and with more people working from home or travelling by public transport, we are thinking more and more about what we can do for the environment. Lugarde wants to do its part as well. At Lugarde, sustainability comes first. One of the things we do is planting 1.2 trees for every tree we cut down. We also offer two types of sustainable wood: Siberian Larch and Douglas. These types of wood grow in northern Europe, where the trees grow slower in the cold climate. A slower growth gives the tree small growth rings. Another benefit is that the wood can remain outside untreated for as long as fifteen to twenty years. Because we offer these types of wood, you can opt for a sustainable house. Still, what else can you do to make your house even more sustainable?

An apex roof with solar panels

An apex, or gabled, roof on your summer house gives the house a classic look. The two sloping sides, forming an inverted V, make it a very versatile roof. The shape not only makes it easy to drain off rainwater, but it is also highly wind resistant. An apex roof even creates more living space under the rafters. And now we come to the most important aspect of an apex roof: it is perfect for installing solar panels. The roof will need to get a more sturdier construction, something we can do at a surcharge. It’s a great way to provide your summer house with self-generated electricity. Another step towards your sustainable house!

Summer house treatment

You can treat your house with a type of sustainable paint or impregnating agent. Lugarde normally delivers your house untreated but, if you wish, we can treat your summer house for you. Lugarde uses a paint that is moisture-regulating, sustainable, elastic, and breathable, produced by Sigma. Sigma has a DUBOkeur eco-label, which guarantees quality with the environment at heart. Another option is the pressure treatment. With this method, the impregnating agent is pressed into the wood of your summer house. This type of treatment also makes the house low-maintenance. The colour may turn a somewhat greyish over time but this also enhances the natural look.

Sustainable recycling

It’s not just important to use sustainable materials for the summer house. The same applies to the furnishing and fittings. Have you thought about a composting toilet? Or perhaps a greywater system? These systems work very well together. Modern composting toilets no longer require water; all waste is collected in different tanks and then given back to nature or added to a compost heap. A greywater system means that no water is lost. All the water used by washing machines, in the shower, or at the kitchen sink goes back to nature. It can be used to water plants and trees, for example! Have you always wanted to have a sustainable summer house but would you like to design your house according to your wishes? Then try our 3D configurator to design your own house, naturally with all kinds of sustainable options✅

With our 3D configurator, you can easily design your dream summer house. Whether you choose a rectangular wooden summer house or a square wooden  summer house, there are multiple ways to personalise it.