The 3D-configurator, how does it actually work?

The 3D-configurator, how does it actually work?


I’m sure you’ve heard of our 3D configurator before. The question is, how does this configurator work and what can you do with it? The many different possibilities make it attractive for everyone to simply try out our software. You can use it to put your creative ideas into practice! Try out all the options, choose from the various standard models and design your perfect garden house. In this blog we will explain the whole configuration. We’ll go through the different options and show you the best way to work with the garden house configurator.

Step 1: The beginning

In the beginning of the configuration you have the choice. What type of garden house, log cabin, veranda or garage are you looking for? There are several options such as a rectangular garden house or an octagonal pavilion. Here you can make the selection for a template. This is the first step of the configuration.In the first step you will see the previous design and next to it a box that has not yet been opened, this is your garden house in a 3D-view. In this 3D-view you can rotate the entire garden house to see the windows and doors in detail. The first steps you go through are the walls and boards. You can choose between different wall thicknesses. The choice is between 24 mm, 44 mm and 68 mm, depending on which template you have chosen. The other two options in step 1 of the configuration is the corner profile and whether the wall should be raised, and if so by how many additional wall boards.





Step 2: The roof

You have arrived at step two of the configuration, you already made the selection for the wall thickness, corner profile and wall height. The second step includes the roof and possibly a canopy. In some garden houses and log houses a canopy can be installed. You can then have it attached to your garden house according to your own measurements. Then you can choose the type of roof. The selection of roofs varies for different garden house models. Basically Lugarde offers the choice between an asymmetrical roof, a flat roof, a pent roof, a pyramid roof and a apex roof. You can also choose the roof degrees and the orientation of the ridge, provided you have a roof on which this can be attached. Finally, there is the choice of shingle colours. Colour options are no colour, black, blue, brown, green and red.

Step 3: The doors

In the third step you will see the doors we offer. Logically, certain doors are particularly suitable for various uses. For example, a garage door makes sense for a garage. However, further entrances can always be added to other sides of the house if required. Different options exist for you here! You have the choice between: Single doors, double doors, sliding doors, folding doors and garage doors.

Step 4: The windows

The same applies to the windows as to the doors. There are a number of options from which you can choose, even in combination! You can choose from the following window types: fixed windows, top-hung windows, tilt-and-turn windows and casement windows. You also have another choice for the windows. Would you like a window frame, yes or no? This concludes the fourth step.

Step 5: Treatments

In the fifth step you decide between different treatments. You should inform yourself about these in advance. The type of treatment has to do above all with how you want to protect your garden house from the weather, wind and damage. Spray paint is also very important. There are different methods of treatment. You have the choice between spray paints for the walls, spray paints for the floor, the doors and windows and paint colours for doors and windows.

Step 6: Other options

You have now reached the final step. In this step there are several options from which you can still choose. One option here is whether you want to add an interior floor. In some garden houses and log cabins a stepladder is also possible! The last two options are insulation and additional paint that you can apply. After you have looked at everything and thought about everything, you can move on to the final step.

The completion

You have reached the completion. Your garden house is within reach! Here you get a clear overview of the decisions made and how much everything will cost! You can enter your data and send your configuration to Lugarde. You will then be contacted as soon as possible by one of our dealers!