The added value of a Lugarde canopy

The added value of a Lugarde canopy


When thinking of a canopy you may think of a garage with a roof, a detached veranda or a canopy on a summer house. But are you also aware of a canopy attached to the house? Complete with a glass wall. An ideal way to create extra space in your home. A canopy is more than just a roof, it brings warmth, functionality and shelter. Often, a canopy also feels less heavy in the garden than a whole log cabin, summer house or garage. A canopy is often open on a number of sides, so you don’t feel like you’re losing much of your garden. A canopy is very functional and offers a solution for many requirements. Below, we have described a number of examples of roofing systems. Summerhouses with canopy

Garage with canopy

A common and well-known alternative, a garage with a canopy. Newly built houses often get this kind of roofing instead of a complete garage. Under a garage roof, your car is kept dry and reasonably safe from falling objects from trees. With our configurator it is possible to customize a garage with a roof. If you want to close one of the sides of the roof, this is possible in many cases. If you drive an electric or hybrid car, it is quite possible to install a power outlet on a closed wall. Of course, a garage with a roof remains largely open, so we would advise you not to store any valuable items under the roof. It is better to use an enclosed garden shed.

A complete gazebo

Another form of covering, which we often offer at Lugarde, is a veranda. It can be directly attached to the house, or it can be placed as a completely detached veranda. Both versions provide for a completely extra space to sit and relax. In other words, an extra room in front of your house. Here too, it is possible to customize the veranda, so that you can opt for glass walls or perhaps a closed wall. With a veranda at home, it is of course ideal to sit in the shade in summer. In the winter you can quickly enjoy your garden, with a heater in the veranda it is soon comfortable, and you can actually use the veranda all year round.

Awning to your Lugarde summerhouse

The last option for a sun canopy are the awnings of a Lugarde summerhouse. Perhaps you are looking for a summerhouse, but you would also like to be able to sit outside under a roof. In that case we offer you the perfect solution. In our 3D configurator you can choose to add an awning to a Lugarde summerhouse or log cabin. You can design it as you wish, you can add walls or balustrades, and you also have the option to add a glass sliding wall. The canopy offers the convenience of having a closed and an open space. With a Lugarde summerhouse including canopy you can enjoy your garden all year round.

Choose the products of Lugarde

Lugarde works with the most durable and solid wood. We love wood! For every tree that is cut down by Lugarde, 1,2 will be replanted. This will eventually lead to a situation where there is no deforestation, but more trees will be added. In addition to the high quality wood we use for our products, Lugarde has over 40 years of experience in the design and manufacture of summerhouses, log cabins, verandas, garages and of course shelters. Do you have a dream canopy in mind? Then use our 3D configurator. This also has augmented reality functionality, which allows you to place your design virtually in the garden. You can even walk into the garden house and look through the windows. This way you can be sure that you will get a great summerhouse or a fantastic roof in your garden. If you have any questions about the different shelters we offer, feel free to contact us. Summerhouses with canopy