The garden house of the future, 5 important trends for 2020!

The garden house of the future, 5 important trends for 2020!


In one of our past blogs we reviewed the garden trends of 2019. We have been able to observe some of these trends in the development of garden houses in the year that will soon come to an end. These include, for example, that the garden is increasingly becoming the living room of the summer or that outdoor kitchens have become increasingly popular. Now, shortly before the end of the year, we would like to take a look into the future and give you a small preview of the coming trends and developments.

1. Design

Modernity is an important aspect in the design of the garden house of the future. This is achieved, for example, by choosing a construction system with tight corners. Glass elements also create a special look for your garden house. As the garden will continue to serve as a kind of outdoor living room, garden houses with a lean-to-veranda will also be popular in the future.

2. Sustainability

A development that can be seen not only in the garden house industry, but in all sectors of the economy and society, is the increasing importance of the sustainable production of products. This sustainability and environmental protection are very important to Lugarde! For this reason, we take care in our production that the wood we use comes only from forestry operations in the logging areas and that it has a PEFC certification. This certificate ensures that both the workers, the local population and the forest ecosystem with all its flora and fauna are protected when cutting down the trees. We also are supporting the future of the forests by replanting 1.2 trees for each tree used in our garden houses.

3. Mobility

Another trend of the future is constant mobility. Of course, this is particularly suitable for a garden house. Due to its small and compact shape, you can transport a garden house to any location if required. Especially since the space in the larger cities of Europe is getting smaller and smaller and apartments often mean high rents, it is particularly worthwhile to convert the garden house into a small home. This trend for the future is often referred to as “Tiny house”. This means limiting the living space to a small area. This creates your own roof over your head with only a small budget.

4. Security

Also, the security of your own living space and the garden is an increasingly important factor for many people. To make your garden and your garden house safer, it is important that you provide enough light in the garden. Different light sources do not only give the garden a very special atmosphere, but also provide real protection against burglars. You should also attach a sturdy lock to your garden house. The doors from Lugarde have 3 point locks which have a SKG quality label. This label means that they have been tested and approved so they are burglar-resistant. Another particularly effective protection against theft is a surveillance camera. This does not necessarily have to function properly. The installation of a non-functional surveillance camera alone has a deterrent effect on possible burglars.

5. Intelligent garden house

As in 2019, an intelligent home is also very much in vogue! We will also experience this trend in the garden house in the coming years. You can control the light, the temperature or a security system through your mobile phone. Certain robots, such as a vacuum cleaner robot or a mowing robot, will also establish themselves more and more in the garden and in the garden house.

We hope that with this short look into the future we have been able to give you an overview of what is still possible with your garden house. These developments can of course be experienced particularly well with a Lugarde garden house. Let us inspire you on our website!