The garden trends 2019

The garden trends 2019


Like every year, the year 2019 brought forth several special garden trends. As the year slowly draws to the end, we look back on the most beautiful trends and give you some inspirations to turn your own garden into a paradise of well-being.

Trend 1: The garden becomes a summer living room

With beautifully designed garden furniture, which combined with a garden house can withstand any weather, the house’s own garden is transformed into an outdoor living room. The “Shabby Chic” style is very trendy. This vintage style works mainly with po wdery colors such as cream, white, light grey or pastel shades. Inviting lounge corners are also used in the summer as a party location, even when it rains the lounge will guarantee a perfect evening.

Trend 2: Gourmet temples in the fresh air

Cooking indoors, not in 2019! Whether barbecuing or a complete kitchen, numerous offers make it possible to turn cooking into an outdoor experience of a special kind. In addition to this, the appropriate outdoor furniture and everyday life will take place in 2019 completely in the in-house gourmet temple.

Trend 3: Wellness oasis

With saunas, lounge corners or wooden houses combined with a romantic basin, the Garden 2019 will become a true relaxation zone. Both stylish pools and natural fish basins become a must in every garden. These not only offers people a pleasant ambience and cooling off in hot temperatures but are also very environmentally friendly. Native insects such as bees can be protected in this way and let the plants of your garden bloom!

Trend 4: intelligent gardening

Whether it’s a mowing robot or light installations controlled by a smartphone, all these items transform the home garden into an intelligent home for everyone. Various light sources create a cozy atmosphere and make the garden look bigger. In our assortment we offer a large selection of garden houses and garages for the safe storage of these valuable garden tools.

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