The perfect place for your family day!

The perfect place for your family day!


Is it your turn this year to organise the annual Family Day and don’t know where you want to organise it? Have you ever thought about spending the day in your garden house? This offers many possibilities for your family and yourself. You can spend the day in your garden house, where you invite your relatives separately from your house. In this blog we show you several possibilities for a family day in your garden house.

Advantages of the garden house

Did you know that it offers many possibilities to organize your family day in your garden house? Not only the fact that you avoid a lot of mess in your living room. Also, the fact that you can choose your garden house with a covered veranda offers advantages. If you have good weather, you can spend the party outside. If your garden house has a covered veranda and the weather is not so good, you can catch some fresh air there. Also, for the children and parents a canopy connected with the house or a canopy with your garden house already offers many possibilities. This gives them the opportunity to play outside under the supervision of their parents.

Design your own garden house with a veranda

With our 3D-Configurator you can design your own garden house with a veranda. According to your own wishes and ideas with the right sizes and colours. With simple steps you will be guided through the entire configuration. Rethink your decisions carefully and try everything out, with the 3D view you can immediately check whether you want to keep certain elements in the garden house remove them.

The first option you can choose from is whether you want to use a standard template or change an existing design. Then the configuration starts. The first choice you need to make is the wall thickness you want for your garden home. Do you want 28 mm or 44 mm. In the first step you can also choose whether you want to increase the wall. You can choose between no additional wall boards and 12 additional wall sections. In step two you can choose the desired roof type for your garden house and add a veranda. Whether a flat roof or a pyramid roof, the choice is yours.

In steps three and four you can choose between different windows and doors. For example, single doors or double doors and glass sliding walls can be selected. The final steps are the choice of colour for the garden house and the treatment. Match the colour perfectly to the rest of your garden and choose an interior floor if you want.

Have you put together your ideal garden house for a family celebration in the garden house? This can of course also be used for all your other annual celebrations and events. Then order your ideal garden house with a veranda today!