The trendy Shabby Chic Look in your garden house

The trendy Shabby Chic Look in your garden house


Shabby Chic means “shabby chic”, but the word shabby is anything but negative. It’s rather shabby to let modern pieces look a bit older and more worn out in relation to the characteristics of this furnishing style. Shabby chic is not the same as vintage. The aim of the vintage furnishing style is to integrate decoration or furniture from a different time into the home as faithfully as possible and in good condition. The shabby chic is different, with which age marks and wear should bring exactly this romantic and cuddly feeling of style into your summerhouse.

Colours in Shabby Chic

The Shabby Chic style is dominated by matt pastel shades. Light rose, sky blue and turquoise make up this style. These pastel shades are combined with light grey, white and beige tones. It is important that the colours on the furniture look worn. To achieve this look, wood is often used as a material. Other natural materials such as leather are also used frequently. Silk and velvet are also very popular to make the style as comfortable as possible.

Patterns and materials in shabby chic

Patterns are used in shabby chic to create a coziness with the decoration. Flower patterns are a must. On the one hand, they create a romantic atmosphere and, in combination with older furniture, often remind us of past times. Materials such as lace as accents on cushions, blankets and seat covers also underline the Romanesque effect of the shabby chic style.

Typical shabby chic furniture and decorative items

In shabby chic you can basically furnish any summerhouse or log cabin. Typical of shabby chic furniture are ornaments and eye-catching details such as golden handles. Moreover, shabby chic is more! This style is very different from modern minimalist furnishing styles, as many pieces of furniture and decorative items as possible decorate the rooms. This number of furnishings should make the room cozy and inviting. In order to increase the comfort, some pillows and blankets are also used, these can be in pastel colors wonderfully combined with a white, beige or grey sofa. And finally, the combination is also decisive in this furnishing style!

Where can I get matching furniture and decoration?

Since shabby chic works especially with worn and partly vintage furniture, the flea market is a particularly good and inexpensive option. There you often get a lot of used items, which can save you a lot of money. Due to the high demand for this furnishing style, you can of course also find beautiful pieces of jewelry online or in furnishing and decoration shops. Of course, shabby chic should not lack the do It yourself attributes. You can turn your furniture into real eye-catchers by sanding or painting it a little.

Hopefully we could inspire you for the shabby chic style! This is especially effective in a log house. So, turn your garden into a cosy feel-good landscape today. For the perfect summerhouse, in which this style can be wonderfully integrated, have a look at