The usefulness of a carport

The usefulness of a carport


Not everyone sees the benefit of having a carport. A carport just keeps your car dry in the rain, right? Wrong! A carport has so many other useful functions. In this blog, you will learn more about the value of a carport.

Weather conditions

The weather, as we all know, is very changeable. Especially in winter, it can sometimes be quite treacherous. We can have snow, sleet, and hail. How often did you spend ten minutes defrosting your car windows in the freezing cold, only to arrive at work too late because you forgot to leave the house early to do this? We’ve all had this experience. All the more reason to purchase a carport! But a carport also keeps your car out of the blazing sun in summer. So no more blistering hot car in the afternoon but a wonderfully cool drive. Lugarde apex roof carport C2.

Sustainable investment

A carport is not only good for your car but also for the value of your house! It is a nice addition to your home. An addition that pays for itself the moment you buy it. And as it also protects your car from (bad) weather conditions, it also saves on maintenance costs. Hailstones can cause serious damage! But a carport is sustainable in other ways as well. Lugarde offers carports made of premium-quality spruce wood. Carports made of this type of wood never shrink or expand because the wood has been dried to approximately 14-16% in a drying chamber. We can hear you think: what exactly does this mean? Well, it means that your carport will last several generations! Last but not least, we would like to mention that you can choose your carport with an apex roof or a flat roof. An apex roof is also ideal for installing solar panels, and have you ever heard of a green roof? Perfect if you live in a wooded area and you don’t want the carport to blend in with the surrounding nature. A green roof is good for the environment and you contribute to biodiversity.

Even more functions!

A carport gives the feeling of luxury, you’ll have your own private parking spot, you never step out into the rain, and it is a beautiful addition to your house. The fact that you always have a dry spot to get out of the car is probably one of the highlights of having a carport. No more frizzy hair because you had to walk through the rain, no more papers getting soaking wet. A carport also doesn’t take up any space inside your house, and if you have an indoor garage, you can perhaps convert this space for other purposes like a lounge or a home cinema! Lugarde flat roof carport C1.

Your custom carport

You can use the Lugarde 3D configurator to design your carport entirely according to your own wishes. Do you want to add storage space to your carport? No problem: in just 6 simple steps, the design is ready to be produced. You can take your newly designed carport to one of our dealers in your area. Our website offers a list of dealers.