Tips for a sauna in your summer house

Tips for a sauna in your summer house


Have you been dreaming about your own sauna for a long time, but don’t have enough space in your house? Then you’ve come to the right place! A sauna does not necessarily have to make your living area smaller. For example, have you ever thought about a summer house with an integrated sauna? In this blog we will inform you about everything you need to know about a summer house with sauna. And who knows, maybe you will soon be enjoying your own sauna!

The benefits

A sauna in your summer house offers several benefits that a sauna in your house can’t offer. This is mainly due to the location of your summer house. The first benefit is the view. You can choose a big window during the design, so you can enjoy a beautiful view while being in the sauna. The other way around a summer house with sauna also gives a whole new look to your garden. Cooling yourself down is also much easier! You just step out of the sauna and enjoy the fresh air, just like in Finland! But that’s not all: cooling and ventilating the sauna if its inside your log cabin is also extremely easy.







Possible permits

If you choose a summer house with sauna, there are some things you need to consider. Before you start building, first check with the relevant authorities about the possibility of a building permit. Depending on the size of the summer house, you may need one. A summer house 14×10 is an example of our summer houses that are big enough. Another point to consider is that for a summer house with sauna, a suitable foundation must be available to ensure the durability of your summer house.

A summer house from Lugarde

If you decide to buy a summer house, it is important that you pay attention to the quality of the summer house. After all, you want to enjoy your purchase for as long as possible. Lugarde is a leading manufacturer of quality log cabins and summer houses in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Lugarde only uses spruce wood from northern countries, which grows very slow due to the cold environment. This ensures a very high durability and strength, which we guarantee for 5 years. So, if you are looking for the right summer house to include a sauna, then look at our extensive product assortment.



The ideal combination: A summer house with sauna

A summer house with sauna can offer you much more than just a sauna. You can create several rooms in your summer house. In one room you can create a sauna and the other room can be freely furnished. For example, you can create a shower or whirlpool, but you can also create a lounge area in the extra space. It does not matter which you will choose, but it is useful to take this into account when selecting your summer house. This way the summer house can fully meet your expectations! Can’t you find a summer house that meets your wishes? You can design your own summer house using our unique 3D-configurator!



Build your own summerhouse with sauna

It is possible to build your own summer house with sauna. If you choose to do so we would recommend using a building kit. This applies to both the summer house and the sauna. Lugarde offers quality summer houses of different sorts, all of which are supplied as a building kit with enough instructions. In addition, we also have assembly videos of our summer houses that you can watch step by step during the construction of your summer house. This way it becomes much easier for you to build your summer house. Do you not want to build your own summer house? We can also arrange that the installation is done by a professional.

Assembly videos


Rebuilding your summer house

Theoretically, it is possible to transform your own summer house into a sauna. There are some tutorials online. The basic principle is to insert a sauna stove and benches into your summer house. However, this is not necessarily the most recommendable option. Even if it is possible to use a summer house as a sauna, the wood is not specially designed for it. It is a better choice to have a Sauna with extra walls built inside the log cabin.

Find your summerhouse at Lugarde

Have you become curious and would you like to have a summer house with sauna? Look at our range of summer houses and log cabins! Can’t find what you’re looking for? Then create the summer house of your dreams in our 3D-configurator. choose from different designs and colors. For instance, summer houses in grey, white, brown, etc.

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