Tips for getting your garden ready for summer

Tips for getting your garden ready for summer


As we slowly enter the summer of 2021, it is time to get your garden ready, because this year you will probably spend a lot of time in the garden. It is therefore important to create an outdoor space that is worth spending time in. Enjoy the sunshine during the day, eat outside in the evening and have a drink until late at night. With these tips, your garden, gazebo or veranda will look tiptop in summer, so that you can enjoy it with friends and family without a care in the world!

1. Good equipment does the job

You won’t get anywhere without the right equipment, and that doesn’t mean you have to spend hundreds of euros on lawnmowers and hedge trimmers. The art of the perfect garden is to keep it simple and tidy. So, before you start creating the perfect summer garden, it is important to have the right tools. In addition, keeping tools clean is essential. Clean garden tools well with a hard brush and sharpen blades if necessary. Once the garden tools are clean, it is always a good idea to maintain them. This of course includes a dry spot, the garden sheds or garages of Lugarde are very suitable for this!

2. Cleaning up the borders

Now the tools are ready, it’s time to start the actual gardening! Your garden will certainly need some tending, so start by removing dead foliage, which can be leaves on the ground or plants that may not have survived the winter. If you have borders with flowers/plants in your garden, you can also clear these out and plough the soil. This makes it easier to grow, as the soil tends to harden if it is not broken up for a long time.

3. Weeding

Yes, we know, weeding is probably the most boring job (especially for those of us who are not gardening fans), but unfortunately it is a must if you want to get your garden ready for summer. Pull weeds from your lawn or between the tiles or decking of your patio and get them out by the roots. Are the weeds very stubborn? Then first pour some boiling water over them.

4. Pruning makes it grow

Your garden is starting to look neat and tidy, with the dead leaves and weeds all gone, you can start pruning plants, shrubs or hedges. Pruning encourages growth. Before you start pruning a hedge, remove any loose twigs or debris that may have fallen in. Then you can start pruning. It is best to use razor-sharp pruning tools. Trimming is a simple and sometimes relaxing task and once the hedges have been trimmed, you won’t have to work on them again for a long time.

5. Cleaning the veranda or patio

It’s always surprising how much dirt can build up on a patio or veranda in winter. Even if you are not directly affected by these mosses and algae, it is still wise to remove them because they can seriously affect your beautiful veranda or flower boxes. Green deposits can be tackled by old-fashioned scrubbing with hot water or a high-pressure cleaner. After that, sweep the (terrace) tiles regularly with a little sand to prevent the tarnish from coming back.

6. Create a natural look with flowers

We are about to start with a fun little chore, planting flowers! Flowers are a must-have for a colourful garden. To make sure the garden looks its best in summer, it is a good idea to start planting flowers in spring. Planting seeds is super easy, find a nice spot in your garden and dig a small hole, cover the seeds with soil and water regularly (even if it rains). You are guaranteed to create a natural look.

7. Keep up the gardening

Now that all the gardening chores are done, it’s time to maintain. From watering the plants to mowing the lawn, it’s all part of the job. These chores will keep your garden looking neat and tidy and allow you to relax all summer long! With a Lugarde summerhouse you do not have to worry about maintenance. The summerhouses are resistant to all weather conditions by spray impregnation methods. So you can enjoy all the advantages of your summerhouse all year round.

A place to relax

We all look forward to receiving guests in our garden! However, the climate is unpredictable. The last thing you want is to move the cosiness inside because of the rain. Our gazebos or shelters are ideal for the garden! With them, you are not prevented from going out in the garden or relaxing in your own oasis when the weather is bad. Design the most beautiful summerhouses to exactly to size yourself in our 3D configurator. Would you like to get more inspiration first? Download our free catalog and discover our different systems, beautiful summerhouses and poosibilities for a garden office.