Traditional Summer House

Traditional Summer House


A Traditional summer house, also known as a garden cottage or garden shed, is a small structure typically found in residential gardens. It serves a variety of purposes, ranging from storage and gardening activities to relaxation and leisure. A traditional summer house usually provides charming features combining classic elements with regional influences. With wooden exteriors, flat or apex roofs, inviting verandas, and large windows, these homes invite natural light and stunning views indoors.


Traditional  Summer Houses

Key features and characteristics of a traditional summer house

1. Size and structure: Traditional summer houses are compact structures, smaller in size compared to a primary residence. They can vary in dimensions, from a big to a small summer house. They generally provide enough space to accommodate basic needs, and adapt to various garden shapes. A perfect example is a corner summer house. The structure is usually single-story and may include windows, doors, and an apex roof.

2. Functionality: Traditional summer houses are designed to serve multiple functions. They often serve as storage spaces for garden tools, equipment, bicycles, and other items that may clutter the main residence. Additionally, they can provide a workspace for gardening tasks, such as potting plants or maintaining garden tools. A traditional corner summer house can for example, take advantage of all the necessary space in a garden with an unusual shape.

3. Design and materials: A traditional summer house can often feature a simple and rustic design, blending harmoniously with the natural surroundings. The most commonly used material used is wood. The choice of materials may depend on factors such as durability, aesthetics, and budget.

Main uses of a traditional summer house

Relaxation and Leisure: Garden houses serve as tranquil retreats within the garden. Some homeowners may choose to furnish the interior with cozy seating, creating a peaceful spot to enjoy a book, engage in hobbies, or simply unwind while being surrounded by the beauty of nature. Lugarde’s traditional summer houses for sale offer a great mix or Leisure and functionality.

Depending on the size and design, a traditional garden house can be versatile in its usage. It can adapt to various needs, such as a children’s playhouse, a workshop for DIY projects, an artist’s studio, or a space for hosting small gatherings and outdoor events. One of the best examples of versatility is Lugarde’s traditional summer house with veranda. You can design traditionally or as a contemporary summer house, there are plenty possibilities.

The location and placement of a garden house are crucial for its integration with the overall garden design. It is often positioned strategically to blend with the landscape, allowing for easy access and maintaining harmony with the surrounding plants and features.

Overall, a traditional garden house offers practicality, aesthetic value, and a retreat-like atmosphere within the garden setting. It serves as a functional and versatile addition to the outdoor space, providing a dedicated area for storage, gardening activities, relaxation, and various other purposes. Whether you are looking for a traditional corner summer house, a traditional summer house with veranda, or traditional summer houses for sale, at Lugarde, you can find or create any desired design.