Turn your garden into a cosy Bed & Breakfast!

Turn your garden into a cosy Bed & Breakfast!


Do you have a large undeveloped area on your property that you don’t use? And you always wanted to own a small guest house? If you also live in a popular holiday region, this is the perfect opportunity for you to turn your garden into a family Bed & Breakfast.

Make a plan

Before you can start planning your bed & breakfast in your garden, it’s important to get a good overview. Running a B & B is a challenge and you should be well informed before venturing into the adventure. You need to think about a marketing plan, administrative tasks, price calculations and much more. The most important thing, however, is to find out if you need a permit from the community to open a B & B, or if you need other official permits. You can also seek advice from the tourism association in your community or city. These are the first steps to take and then your dream can be realised. Lugarde-Gartenhaus-Baugenehmigungen-761x474

A bed & breakfast in a log cabin

For many people, a bed & breakfast is a pleasant alternative to a noisy and crowded hotel. The vacationers are offered a family atmosphere and also have direct contact with the locals, through which they can get helpful insider tips as well as experience the culture up close. If you would like to get the most out of your undeveloped area, build three or four small log cabins or summerhouses to create the perfect holiday home for your guests. Their own little house will offer your guests a unique retreat with maximum privacy. Integrating a small extra room allows you to create a small bathroom in your log cabin to offer your guests even more comfort. To use your log cabin B & B all year round, it is a must to insulate the log cabin. Here you should opt for floor, wall and roof insulation to create an all-round feel-good atmosphere for your guests. Lugarde-log-cabin-bed-breakfast-1-use-768x580

Modern or rustic?

You alone decide what the design of your log cabin should be. For example, you can opt for a modern B & B village, where you can equip your summerhouses with modern glass sliding walls that give your guests a unique view of the garden and the surrounding landscape. Lugarde-summerhouse-PS12 Would you prefer to keep the rustic log cabin style? The log cabin system and the natural wood tones blend perfectly into your garden landscape, giving your guests the feeling of sleeping in a natural and robust cabin that, thanks to the wood, still creates a cosy atmosphere to relax. Lugarde-log-cabin-Forest-BF04-p99 You can also decide whether you would like to design each log cabin individually or want to keep all the log cabins consistent. We recommend giving your log cabins unique names. These can also provide inspiration for the design and your guests will feel even more at home.

A veranda as a breakfast room

As the name “Bed & Breakfast” suggests, breakfast is also included in the price for the night. You should have enough space in your house to set up a breakfast room. For the summer months, it is advisable to build a large extension porch to create a pleasant outdoor breakfast area. The extension porch can also be fitted with glass sliding walls to create a winter garden where guests can have breakfast in the winter month. A veranda also offers your guests an opportunity to spend time together in the evening. Of course there is also the possibility to build another log cabin or summerhouse for the breakfast room. If you are not able to find the right size to accommodate a large lounge as well as a kitchen, our 3D configurator offers you the opportunity to design a unique log cabin according to your individual requirements. Lugarde-Veranda-AM44  Lugarde-Verandan-Anbau-Winston-AW20-S63 We suggest you offer a country or regional breakfast. Your vacationers will be happy! Are you ready to turn your garden or your existing summerhouse or log cabin into a bed & breakfast? Then start now! Are you still looking for the right summerhouse or log cabin? Then browse through our large selection or create your bespoke design in our 3D configurator.  Also check our garden room for sale.

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