Turn your log cabin into an informal care home!

Turn your log cabin into an informal care home!


It used to be quite normal to take in family members who needed care. Today this idea seems to be coming back into fashion. Do you want to know more and are you curious about the benefits? Keep reading!

An informal wooden care home

Many homes have their bathroom and bedrooms upstairs, meaning that a lot of remodelling is required to make them suitable for the infirm. Moving is often the last option, because people are often very attached to their current location. An informal wooden care home offers the perfect solution! A garden home is ideal for elderly people who want to live independently, but occasionally need care. With an informal wooden care home in the garden, you can easily monitor your father or mother while they live on their own. If purchasing a log cabin as an at-home care home, it is best to choose one with several rooms so that, for example, the smallest room can be used for the toilet and shower, and there is a separate room for sleeping in.  blog informel care lugarde

The seven benefits of an informal wooden care home:

✓ Close to your loved ones but still offers privacy; ✓ Informal care is easier when you live closer together; ✓ A log cabin is sustainable; ✓ A healthy living environment – wood provides a good level of air humidity; ✓ It has been proven that people with asthma, allergies and rheumatism benefit from living in log cabins; ✓ Relatively cheap; ✓ A short construction time.

Modern or classic?

Log cabins and summerhouses are available in all shapes and sizes. Would you prefer a classic look with a wooden garden room? Then a log cabin with an apex roof would suit you best. Perhaps you’d prefer an informal modern-looking care home? Then you could opt for one with a flat roof. In addition to the roof-style, colour also affects appearance. A green or brown log cabin has a natural, classic look, while a white or grey structure looks more modern. You could also opt for a log cabin with sliding glass walls, which offer a perfect view of the garden. Open the sliding glass walls in good weather and enjoy a cup of tea together in the garden, but retain the ability to stay dry and warm when it rains. Lugarde-Blockhaus-Fulda-blog   Lugarde-Gartenhaus-PS3


You don’t want your father or mother to be cold in the winter, right? To use your informal care home throughout the year, it is very important to insulate it! There are three different options for insulating the house: floor insulation, roof insulation and double-walled insulation. A well-insulated log cabin is warm, dry and energy efficient.


A detached informal care home can be up to 3 metres high, with a ridge height of up to 5 metres. Occupants may only live on the ground floor. The living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom must all be located on the ground floor. The permitted surface area of the informal care home depends on the size of the plot and the presence of other structures. The distance from the informal care home to the edge of the property must be at least 1 metre. In addition, an informal care home may only be occupied until such time as the informal care-giving comes to an end. At this point the structure does not need to be dismantled, but the kitchen and bathroom must be removed. Are you looking for the perfect informal care home? View the wide range of summerhouses and log cabins made by Lugarde. Or create your own bespoke design in our 3D configurator!   Even if this article has been compiled to the best of our knowledge, all information provided in this article is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind.  

Is an informal care home not what you are looking for? Maybe a wooden garden office is something for you!


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