Sports fanatic? Turn your summerhouse into a private gym!

Sports fanatic? Turn your summerhouse into a private gym!


Do you dream of having a private gym in your own home? But there’s no suitable space in your house? Why not build a private gym in your garden, in a beautiful summerhouse.

A summerhouse creates a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere and offers space for all your sports equipment. With our insulation systems, your garden house can easily be converted into a gym which can be used all year round.

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What are the benefits of having a private gym in your own summerhouse?

With a gym in your summerhouse you not only save the monthly fee for gym membership, but can also pursue your training undisturbed and in private. Here you can avoid any distractions and focus on your workout. And you save the travel time to your gym. You don’t have to drive to the nearest studio after your working day. Instead you can just go into your summerhouse. And you’re no longer tied to the opening hours of your gym, but can train at any time of the day in your summerhouse gym. Nor are you bound by a dress code. To train, simply put on what you feel most comfortable in!

Train outdoors with sliding glass walls

If you don’t want to feel locked up in an enclosed space during your daily workout, Lugarde also has the option of equipping your summerhouse with sliding glass walls. This way you can enjoy the view over your garden while you’re doing your fitness routine, and if it’s sunny outside, the sliding glass walls can easily be opened and you can work out outdoors.

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Your garden will become the new hotspot for your group of friends

With a private gym in your summerhouse, your garden could become the new hotspot for your group of friends. First you can train together before sitting and enjoying smoothies and healthy snacks.

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A private gym in your summerhouse can create a retreat where you can relax after a long and busy day at the office, or where you can have a sweaty workout with your friends.

What you should bear in mind:

To use your summerhouse as a gym, you should bear a few things in mind when choosing the model. Decide if you want to set up fitness equipment or just work out with your fitness mat and small equipment. This is crucial for choosing the size of your summerhouse. It is also important that you are able to stretch your arms over your head to do exercises. The roof height is therefore a key factor, so you also need information about suitable roof types. As already mentioned, it is advisable to insulate your summerhouse so that it can also be used as a gym during the cold seasons. You also need to find out about floor coverings. If you’re going to be handling heavy weights, it’s beneficial to know which floor coverings are most suitable.

Want more tips on how to make your summerhouse unique? Then watch this space for how to turn your summerhouse into a wellness oasis or home office.


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