What usage options does a large log cabin with multiple rooms offer?

What usage options does a large log cabin with multiple rooms offer?


A large log cabin with several rooms is possibly the most versatile garden building out there, as it offers both flexibility and durability to their owners. That, in turn, means they can be adapted for many different purposes, some of which many of their owners wouldn’t even have thought of. Therefore, if you own a large log cabin or you’re considering obtaining one, keep reading this article to find out what the best usage options are that a large log cabin with several rooms can offer you.

A guest house

Using a large log cabin as a guest house is probably the most popular way of using them, and not without reason – log cabins are perfectly suited for housing people, as they are stable, sturdy and easy to insulate. If you often host gatherings for friends and family who live further away, a log cabin can be an absolute lifesaver, providing you with a space where your guests can stay overnight. And the bigger the log cabin is, the more people you can accommodate – if you choose a model with several rooms, you’ll even be able to host several families at the same time.

Lugarde Log Cabin B47 is a big log cabin Lugarde Log Cabin B22 is is a big log cabin with a saddle roof and an overhang in the front. The large double door and the many high windows underline its unfussy and modern design and create a warm interior flooded with light. Lugarde Log Cabin B53 is a big log cabin with a sound and classic design. It has a large overhang in the front that provides the ideal spot to sit outside. The large interior is divided into two rooms and a smaller storage space.

A large log cabin can also provide you with a source of extra income – when you’re not hosting any friends or family, you can use it to set up a bed & breakfast at your home. Your log cabin might prove to be very popular among other accommodation options (especially if you live in an area that doesn’t offer many others), as it should be a very cosy and quiet place to stay compared to larger places for lodging, like hotels or hostels. And, if your log cabin is large enough, you can even fit it with additional amenities, like its own bathroom or kitchen, which will allow your guests and/or customers to live separately from you.

An extra living space

A log cabin can also come to the rescue if you require more living space at your home, but you don’t have the option of extending the house itself. Adding a large log cabin to your garden can create a lot of extra living space for yourself and your family. What makes it even better is that, due to their versatility, log cabins can serve a lot of different purposes.

Let’s start with the most obvious one – a log cabin can offer a great solution if you need an extra bedroom or two, as their frame can be made strong enough to be suitable for living – you won’t feel uncomfortable inside a log cabin when it’s windy outside or during thunderstorms, as it can often happen with other garden buildings. For the same reason, it can also be a great place to set up a playroom for children – they will feel comfortable playing inside a log cabin year-round (as long as it’s insulated).

 Lugarde garden building interior display with large double doors and living room furniture.

A log cabin can also be a great place for your hobbies – you can move all of the necessary equipment into the log cabin and start practising it there in order to avoid causing any inconvenience for your family because of it. Painting, playing a musical instrument, woodworking or anything else – whatever your hobby is, a log cabin can most likely be adapted for it. If you have several hobbies or someone else in your family also needs a room for theirs, a log cabin with several rooms can come to the rescue.

That way, you’ll be able to designate each room for a separate hobby, ensuring that everyone has some space for theirs. Log cabins can also be very useful for other types for leisure, not only hobbies. A lot of people would love to have a room designated only for leisure at their home, but don’t have any space to spare inside their house, and this is where having a log cabin can help. For example, log cabins are perfectly suited for setting up a lounge area, where to relax after a long day or host parties for your friends and family, while another popular idea is setting up a man cave or a she shed (or both, as multiple rooms will allow you to do that), creating a garden room that’s personalised for your preferences.

Log cabins can provide that extra room that you’re missing in your house, whatever you need it for, and if you have a log cabin with multiple rooms, the best part is that each room can be designed for a different purpose.

A home office

Another group of people that might find log cabins very useful are people who work from home or plan to start working from home, as log cabins can make excellent garden offices. If you realise that working in your living room or bedroom isn’t very productive, but you don’t have a free room that could be turned into a home office, a log cabin could be the solution. The same also applies to the people who do have a room designated for working inside their house but find themselves constantly distracted – working in your log cabin will still allow you to work from the comfort of your home, while also isolating yourself from everyone else, so you can concentrate on your work.

Lugarde-Blockhaus-B55 Lugarde-Blockhaus-B64 Lugarde Log Cabin B23 has the special feature of two separate doors. It has a classic square shape and a characteristic asymmetric roof.

A log cabin with multiple rooms could also provide a great solution for those who work from home, but occasionally need to collaborate with their colleagues or business partners in person – you can designate one of the rooms as your personal office and the other as a room for co-working or meetings, which will allow you to swap the crowded atmosphere of coffee shops or co-working spaces for the cosy atmosphere of your home.

Another group of people who will appreciate a log cabin with multiple rooms are those who receive customers at their home, for example, self-employed hairdressers or manicurists because it will provide the option to designate one of the rooms as a reception area and do the work itself in the other room.

Finally, log cabins could also be a great fit for artists and people who manufacture handcrafted items at home, allowing them to create their studios or workshops inside log cabins. That way, they can bring their work outside of their house, without having to rent a space for it somewhere else.

A home gym/sauna

Among the many usage options that spacious log cabins offer, another great idea on how to use your log cabin is setting up a home gym or sauna. Having multiple rooms makes it even better, as it allows you to set up both at the same time. Alternatively, you can also use one of the rooms for changing or additional relaxation, for example, you can install a hot tub or a small pool for enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy. Lugarde garden building studio with large windows and a woman doing gymnastics. 

You can also install sliding glass doors for your log cabin, which will allow you to enjoy the view of your garden while you exercise or sit in the hot tub and, if you have a pond in your garden, you’ll be able to go for a swim straight after coming out of the sauna. The versatility of log cabins will also allow you to choose almost any type of sauna – you’ll be able to install not only a modern infrared sauna but also a classic dry or wet sauna.   As you can see, log cabins offer many usage possibilities for their owners, and the ones mentioned above are just the most popular ones. Log cabins are even more functional when they have multiple rooms, as each room can be used for something else.

However, it’s important to remember that the design you choose should be suitable for your intended purpose(s) and that you’ll have to insulate your log cabin if you want to use it year-round. If you’d like to find out more about the log cabin designs offered by Lugarde and what they can be used for, take a look at our range of log cabins on our website.  

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