On vacation in your own country & garden

On vacation in your own country & garden


Discover fantastic options to spend the summer

Summers in the Netherlands are getting warmer and hotter. Going on vacation in your own country is therefore increasingly attractive. Why go to the Spanish costa when you can also enjoy a wonderful holiday in your own garden?
Especially when you consider it can be just as relaxing in your own garden as on a beach holiday.

We’ve written about it many times before. Your summer house can be used as storage for garden stuff, but there are more possibilities. A Lugarde summer house is not just any summer house, as you can design yourself in the 3D configurator. This makes it possible to add a canopy to the summer house or to design a summer house to truly be a second home. If you already have a summer house, you can make use of that during your vacation in your own country or garden!

You can use your summer house for many different things. The space can be arranged for children, teenagers and adults alike. Do you need inspiration? Then download our free e-book and discover all the possibilities.

Relaxing in the jacuzzi

We love luxury and a bit of wellness at Lugarde. Some extra relaxation should not be missing during your holiday in your own country. A jacuzzi may be a very nice addition to your garden. Do you have a summer house or a nice veranda? You can place a jacuzzi there or have one installed.

Nowadays you can even opt for a version that is inflatable, but of course you can also buy a fixed one that you can enjoy for years. By placing solar panels on the summer house or the roof of the veranda, for example, you can also generate some extra energy yourself. This means that the holiday in your own garden does not have to be more expensive, because there is a jacuzzi in the garden.


Is the jacuzzi under the canopy of your summer house? Think about hanging a flat screen so you don’t have to miss out on any of your fun television programmes or shows. Of course you can also consciously choose not to watch television and not make this addition. Perhaps you still want some music for the atmosphere, so why not install some small speakers? Try to consider your neighbours and the degree of noise nuisance. Who knows, maybe they are also enjoying a holiday in their own country and garden.

Drinks with friends and family

A summer house can be arranged to store garden stuff, but if you have space left you can also create your own bar in it. You can DIY this with, for example, scaffolding wood, but you can also buy a ready-made drinks cabinet and set it up as a bar. Don’t forget to take a look at a thrift store or a second-hand market. There you can often buy very nice (old) furniture from, for example, cafés that no longer exist.

You take it as far as you want to. Keep in mind that it is handy to also place a fridge in the summer house, so that you can also enjoy cold drinks and don’t have to walk inside all the time. And here, too, multimedia such as a television or sound system come in handy if you decide to hang them in your summer house.
A nice swim
Whether you are using an inflatable pool or digging a swimming pool, a lovely spot next to the pool is easy to create. Comfortable sun loungers, a possible palm tree, and perhaps you want to add some white sand. For a holiday in your own country and garden, a swimming pool is a must. Like our customer you can choose to put a summer house next to the swimming pool.

Lugarde tip – Don’t put the pool too close to the summer house. Even an inflatable pool needs chlorine in order not to become green and dirty. The splatters of playing children can end up on your wooden summer house.


When you are on holiday in your own country, moments of peace and quiet are indispensable. Bubble in a jacuzzi or relax in the sauna. Lugarde’s summer houses are also suitable for a sauna. Of course, it is also possible to install a separate sauna.

Don’t forget to install a cold shower nearby or create a plunge pool. You do not want to run the risk of not being able to cool down after the sauna.

BBQing and lounging

Summer abroad means eating outside a lot. But you can also enjoy doing that in your own garden. Turn your summer house or veranda into an outdoor kitchen, including a barbecue. This way you can continue to enjoy the wonderful summer outside in your own garden and you don’t have to go into the kitchen to prepare the food.

In addition, you also want to be able to sit and relax after dinner. A beautiful lounge sofa under the canopy ensures that even on wetter days – it’s still the Netherlands – you stay nice and dry.

Enjoy a vacation in your own garden

A holiday in your own country will be extra nice if you take the above tips to heart. Turn your garden into an oasis of peace. Are you not going on holiday abroad and does your current summer house need a replacement? Design the most beautiful summer houses exactly to measure in our 3D configurator. Do you want to gain even more inspiration first? Then download our free brochure and discover our different systems and beautiful summer houses.