What is pressure treatment? How does it work and what are the positive effects?

What is pressure treatment? How does it work and what are the positive effects?


Have you thought about buying a garden house or log cabin for some time? But would you like to have it treated in such a way that the garden house will remain in a very good condition in the coming years? At Lugarde, there are several ways to protect your garden house for years to come. In this article we will provide you with information about pressure impregnation in boilers. How does this work and what positive effects do such a treatment actually have? Read on and experience all the advantages.

Information on pressure treatment

Pressure impregnation is an alternative to paint colours. It is a treatment that protects your garden house or log cabin from dirt, mould and various weather conditions after installation. The wall sections are completely sprayed inside and outside so that they are always and completely protected. If you are thinking about a pressure treatment, you should consider a number of aspects:

– Pressure impregnated wood is easy to maintain and has a minimum durability of ten years in all weather conditions. Further treatment, such as colouring, is not required with this treatment method.

– Once you have decided on an interior floor, it is also automatically pressure treated.

– Over time, the floor will age. Whether you like this is a question of taste. To counteract this, the garden house can be treated from the outside with a wood oil or with different colours.

– With the pressure treatment large quantities of liquid are pressed under high pressure into the wood. Since the wood must dry, the delivery time is around two weeks longer.

– You can choose between two colours, brown and green.

– During assembly, the wood may be swollen and therefore more difficult to assemble. It is therefore better to let the wood dry at home for at least another four weeks.

– Impregnated wood with pressure treatment can cause dry cracks more quickly.

– Pressure treatment is thin-layered so that it does not peel off or crack after a few years.

When installing a pressure treated garden house or log cabin, one question often remains unanswered: Why is there a gap between the door and the wooden beam? This has to do with the pressure treatment of your garden house or log cabin. In this case it should be noted that your wood is swollen during the pressure treatment due to moisture. This condition only subsides after about six weeks. This is often a gap of about two to two and a half cm. After the assembly of the cover strip and the complete drying of the wood, the wall boards shrink, and the gap closes completely.

The installation

You can use our 3D configurator to see different treatment options. This gives you a clear overview of what your garden house or log cabin will look like once you have added various elements. This includes the colours, additional wall profiles and floor profiles. The 3D view makes it immediately clear what you are changing and whether this is your preference or not. If you order your garden house through Lugarde, you can immediately decide on a type of treatment.

Start immediately with the creation of your own log house or garden house on and take a look at the different possibilities. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us or one of our dealers and we will be happy to help!